The Black Series: Improving Boba Fett

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Of all The Black Series 6-inch scale figures, Boba Fett is easily one of the coolest and hardest to get. If you’ve read my review of the figure, though, you’ll know I was a little disappointed in the action figure. Bottom line, it was missing the “action” part as Boba Fett is one of the least articulated figures in the line aside from R2-D2. It’s not that the joints aren’t there. The problem is those hard plastic pouches on the front of his legs that prevent him from moving around. Ever since opening that first Fett figure, I’ve wanted to cut those stupid pouches off. So when I saw a Fett sitting on the shelves at Barnes & Noble, I picked him up with that purpose in mind. This would be my Boba 2.0.

Fett pre-surgery.

Prior to placing Fett under the knife, I did a side-by-side comparison of my new figure with my old one to see what kind of variations there were between the two. With the 6-inch Black Series figures, there’s been a lot of variation with the paint apps.

For the most part, the differences in the Fetts is very minor.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the mythosaur skull logo on the left figure is less crisp and defined in comparison to the one on the right. This is probably the biggest difference between the two figures. However, if you look at the helmet, you can see that the silver weathering hits in different spots. There’s one spot smack dab in the middle of the yellow striping on the right figure, whereas the silver spot on the left figure hits higher. There’s also some sloppy green paint on the neck of the left figure.

Here you can see different placement for the large blob of silver weathering on the back side of the helmet. The right side figure has the spot mostly on the red band.

This picture shows the front-right side detail a little better. Here you can see more variations on the silver weathering. As with all the figures in this series, it pays to shop around and compare figures to get the paint app you like best. Personally, the weathering details don’t bother me any, but that skull logo was certainly an issue I hadn’t noticed before.

Now for the surgery…fair warning, I’m no expert.

This is what it looks like with the pouches still on.

It can be a little tough removing the pouches. The plastic is actually kind of soft so if you have a nice, sharp knife, just applying pressure and gently rocking the knife back and forth a little will slowly separate the pouch from the belt. Now I opted to just remove the belt portion of the pouch without trying to keep it intact. If you kept the blade parallel to the belt, you might be about to shave off the pouch and keep some plastic to maintain the lower belt. Otherwise, you’ll end up removing two large sections of the belt like so.

This close, it looks chewed up after chopping off those pouches. I’m thinking I might be able to sand it down to smooth it out some. The important factor for me, though, was freedom of movement.

First up, the chair test…

There’s nothing more horrendous than see the unaltered Fett try and sit in a chair. It’s just terrible. Fett 2.0, however, works perfectly in a chair. Without those pesky pouches, his legs can actually rotate up in a natural position.

Next is the kneeling test.

Fett 1.0 can’t move his legs, but Fett 2.0 now has the freedom of movement to assume the kneeling position. Plus he looks awesome with two blaster pistols.

You can really tell the difference with the double kneel.

Fett 1.0 can’t move his waist forward because of the pouches, He also can’t rotate his legs enough to bend forward. But Fett 2.0 is perfect.

Here’s 2.0 in the kick test.

So, should you chop off the pouches on your Boba Fett? Hell yeah! He’s way more fun to play with without those stupid pouches. He actually becomes a mobile, posable figure. Now if you’re worried about destroying the value of your highly prize collector’s item, just look on the bright side. If you have two Fetts, you can arm one of them with two blaster pistols.

“I AM the son of Jango!”

Or two blaster rifles.

“I’ve got you outgunned AND I can sit down.”

And don’t forget to try posing your Fett with his poncho. He has it for a reason.

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  1. I cut it off too, but it doesn’t look as nice as yours. What kind of knife did you use?

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