The Black Series: Improving Boba Fett

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Of all The Black Series 6-inch scale figures, Boba Fett is easily one of the coolest and hardest to get. If you’ve read my review of the figure, though, you’ll know I was a little disappointed in the action figure. Bottom line, it was missing the “action” part as Boba Fett is one of the least articulated figures in the line aside from R2-D2. It’s not that the joints aren’t there. The problem is those hard plastic pouches on the front of his legs that prevent him from moving around. Ever since opening that first Fett figure, I’ve wanted to cut those stupid pouches off. So when I saw a Fett sitting on the shelves at Barnes & Noble, I picked him up with that purpose in mind. This would be my Boba 2.0.

Fett pre-surgery.

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Monday Funny: Attack of the Clones Honest Trailer

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