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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks:Creating Batman and Naming Movies” features discussion on a DC Batman panel at Wondercon which brought up the controversy of Bill Finger’s unrecognized contributions toward the creation of Batman. They also talk about the upcoming tv show Gotham, the titles floating around for the next Star Wars movie, and some of the worst movie titles ever. The show caps off with a spoiler free review of Godzilla (which I highly recommend checking out, I loved the film). Plus there’s talk of the Muppets returning to tv, X-Men twinkies, Aaron Taylor-Johnson being picky about Avengers 2 and the Star Wars spin off movies. Great show with a variety of fun topics.

Bombad Radio: Episode 146 features the audio of Karl Urban’s panel at Salt Lake Fan Experience. He talks about Almost Human, Xena: Warrior Princess, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings and more. He has a pretty good story about stabbing someone while filming on Lord of the Rings. He even fielded a Star Wars question. Good episode to check out for anyone who is a Karl Urban fan.

Coffee with Kenobi: Episode 18 starts out with guest Christian Blauvelt as they talk about the Star Wars Episode VII cast, the new state of the EU and other Star Wars topics. From there, they dive into an Empire Strikes Back discussion with guest Scott Murray which is pretty interesting. It covers both their feelings now and what their feelings were back when they saw it for the first time. Also of note is their Bearded Trio segment revealing the possibility of Steven Spielberg doing a Goonies sequel. Fun show with lots of excellent Star Wars discussion.

Full of Sith: Episode LXIV features guest Craig Dickinson as they go over questions he poses to his students as they watch Star Wars in the classroom and how he uses it as a teaching tool. They also go over the latest news (like the rumored working title for Star Wars Episode VII) and Bobby catches up with his “Late to the Party” segment and all the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes he’s watched recently. Interestingly enough, Bobby didn’t like the Umbara arc (one of my favorite arcs in the entire show) but he really enjoyed the slave arc in season four. There’s even a spoiler free review of the comic Darth Maul – Son of Dathomir #1 in this episode. Lots of stuff to listen to and a little bit of something for everyone.

Radio 1138: Episode 8 has a show report of Farthest From which Mark and Paul Bateman were able to attend. They talk about meeting friends and all the cool vintage figures at the show as well as the scenic area. Then Mark and James cover Star Wars Fan Fun Days with audio from the con and mini-interviews with some of the Star Wars guests like Natalie Cox, Bonnie Piesse, Stephen Costantino, and Lewis MacLeod. The episode finishes up with a quick recap of their Caravan of the Force charity auctions. Good show with some nice audio clips from Fan Fun Days. Was nice to hear from Stephen Costantino, who played one of the Gamorrean guards in ROTJ, as he hasn’t been interviewed much. On the same boat, it was the first time I’ve heard anyone talk to Lewis MacLeod who did the voice of Sebulba in TPM. Good stuff.

Rock Out Loud: Matchbox Twenty episode covers, of course, Matchbox Twenty. Now I’m not much of a Matchbox Twenty fan, but I really enjoyed this episode. Part of that is the nostalgia of hearing the tracks from their first album. I remember my dad buying that cd and us listening to it on the way home. They were songs I was familiar. Then they dove into the band’s second studio album Mad Season, an album I’ve never listened to, and I was surprised to hear the tracks. They sounded really good. Thus, I now have an urge to do some research and see if there’s some songs I need to add to my collection. Steve and Kristin do a great job of talking about the band, their songs, their albums and their concerts, presenting an equal amount of interesting facts, stories and feedback. If you like music, this is a podcast you should check out.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 424 covers the new Star Wars Sideshow products like the life sized Boba Fett, Yoda (and the exorbitant cost), and the premium format Vader. They talk about Disney’s Darth Vader statue and, later on in the show, a shopping report of the Disney Store’s Star Wars selection (at least in St. Louis, MO). Steve the Ginger Prince provides a toy show report from the UK, Jerry has a vintage segment on Stormtroopers and reproduction vintage figures, and the hosts chime in on their latest trip to ToyMan Toy Show. Plus they talk about the newly revealed hi-res pics of the SDCC exclusive Jabba the Hutt. Good episode for collectors with lots of collector focus and discussion.

Star Wars Report: Episode 129 features hosts Riley, Bethany, Mark and special guest host Karl (The Wampa’s Lair) as they talk about he rumored title for Star Wars Episode VII and what they think of the title “The Ancient Fear”. Then they dive into the casting of Star Wars Episode VII and the importance of Harrison Ford. Finishing off the show, they cover the trailer for Star Wars Rebels and their thoughts on the show. Good show to check out.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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