Dark Horse Star Wars Solicitations for July 2014

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Dark Horse Comics has revealed their Star Wars solicitations for the July 2014.

Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir #3 (of 4)

Darth Maul has captured Darth Sidious’s new apprentice! Mother Talzin and Maul attempt to sway Count Dooku to their cause, revealing surprising facts about Maul’s past. But an attack by an elite Jedi strike force throws everyone’s plans into chaos!

Writer: Jeremy Barlow
Artist: Juan Frigeri
Inker: Mauro Vargas
Colorist: Wes Dzioba
Cover Artist: Chris Scalf

Release Date: July 16
Details: FC, 40 pages, $3.50

• Based on unaired episodes of the television series The Clone Wars!

Star Wars #19

Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie are together again aboard the Millennium Falcon. Disguised as smugglers, they have a crazy caper to pull off—if they can avoid the dread bounty hunter IG-88!

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Carlos D’Anda
Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb
Cover Artist: Hugh Fleming

Release Date: July 9
Details: FC, 32 pages, $2.99

Legacy #17

On a mission by order of the Empress, Ania Solo and a contingent of stormtroopers search for Jao Assam and Darth Wredd. Arriving once again on the rogue planet where her adventures began, Ania encounters something no one expected—an army of Sith!

Writers: Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman
Artist: Brian Albert Thies
Colorist: Jordan Boyd
Cover Artist: Agustin Alessio

Release Date: July 23
Details: FC, 32 pages, $2.99

• Sith! Stormtroopers! Solo!

Rebel Heist #4 (of 4)

The Rebellion’s plan is coming together. All Luke Skywalker has to do is elude an Imperial spy—and perform some unanticipated rescues! But this farm boy is on the edge of greatness, and he is not about to stop saving the galaxy now!

Writer: Matt Kindt
Penciller: Marco Castiello
Inker: Dan Parsons
Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb
Cover Artists: Adam Hughes (cover and variant sketch cover), Matt Kindt (variant cover)

Release Date: July 30
Details: FC, 32 pages, $3.50

• Matt Kindt writes the Leia, Han, and Luke from the classic era of Star Wars!

And for comic fans looking to get more from some of the Star Wars creators they love, you might want to check out these titles.

Deep Gravity #1 (of 4)

He didn’t get onto the most lucrative interstellar mission for the money—Paxon wants to be reunited with the woman he loves. But his high-stakes journey takes him to a savage world full of the galaxy’s most dangerous game, where the gravity can turn your bones to powder.

Writers: Mike Richardson, Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko
Artist: Fernando Baldó
Colorist: Nick Filardi
Cover Artist: Gabriel Hardman

Release Date: July 30
Details: FC, 32 pages, $3.99

• Written by Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko (Star Wars: Legacy, Planet of the Apes).

Ghost #6

Von Ghastly’s not just a corny TV host—he’s an obsessive cult leader with a brainwashed fan club of obedient minions. What’s worse, he’s tapped into a power that allows him to physically touch Ghost! Will she be able to cancel his program before he takes her permanently off the air?

Writer: Chris Sebela
Penciller: Jan Duursema
Inker: Dan Parsons
Colorist: Dan Jackson
Cover Artist: Jenny Frison

Release Date: July 2
Details: FC, 32 pages, $2.99

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