A Touch of Star Wars by David Vancook

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This week the Roqoo Depot Galleria presents the Star Wars art of David Vancook.

David Vancook is an artist who has been doing something very interesting: he’s been taking thrift store paintings and modifying them by adding a touch of Star Wars. His selection of paintings varies greatly in both artistic styles and themes. In turn, the Star Wars characteristics of each painting are just as varied. There are AT-AT walkers looming over landscapes, starfighters flying over oceans, and iconic bounty hunters set in floral landscapes.

Below you’ll find a gallery of Star Wars work with striking visual combinations. From Monet to Norman Rockwell, David Vancook reinterprets classic visual scenes with a modern classic: Star Wars.

TIE-Fighter Shot At Sundown

Stormtrooper Shore Leave In Paris
37″ x 31.5″

Norman Rockwell’s “Tough Call” ala Stormtroopers

A Scout Trooper On His Lunch Break

Lord Vader In A Monet Landscape
19″x 23″

Imperial Presence Over The River Rhine

Darth Vader Relaxing At His Mediterranean Summer House

AT-AT Walkers

A T-16 Hunting Womp Rats With Ye Olde English Fox Club

An AT-AT Staring At The Cows Using His Water Hole

An AT-ST Joins The Fox Hunt
9″ x 10.5″

IG-88 Stops And Asks Directions Of A Victorian Lady

A Stormtrooper Shares A Tender Moment With His Lady Before Deployment
11″x 13″

Lord Angus Greedo MacNeil

An X-wing Sighting In Japan

That’s No Japanese Moon

An American Civil War Scout Trooper Has Words With His Lady

Requiem For A Bounty Hunter

Matador Fett

To see more of David Vancook’s work, you can check out his Facebook picture gallery. If you would like to purchase a print, you can visit his Etsy Store.

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