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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Full of Sith: Episode LVIII includes two interviews, both conducted by Bryan. One is with Billy Dee Williams and focuses mostly on conventions, fans and being in Star Wars. The second interview is with Wil Wheaton with a discussion on Star Wars board games since International TableTop Day is this Saturday. Aside from that, Bryan and Mike (Bobbie sits this episode out) discuss “This is Madness” and their thoughts on the match ups, Star Wars tattoos, binge watching The Clone Wars, naughty Star Wars Rebels pictures, as well as some listener feedback on Yoda, Force Priestesses, Anakin and redemption. Excellent discussion and intriguing interviews.

RebelForce Radio: Episode 3.28.14 is hosted by Jimmy Mac and Steve Glosson. They talk about RebelForce Radio going to Disney World for Star Wars Weekends this year. Scott Allen from the 501st Legion comes on talk about inducting Alan Ladd into the Legion. Plus they have Tom Kane on the show to talk about Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 6. Tom talks about TCW, Star Wars Rebels, dark Yoda, what would have happened if Yoda had lost his battle, voicing Yoda for “This is Madness” and more. Great episode and a must listen for TCW fans. I have to admit, I always enjoy the episodes with Steve a little more.

Clone Wars Declassified 608-609 The Disappeared covers the Jar-Jar/Mace arc with hosts Jason Swank, Tricia Barr, Paul Bateman and Grant Gould. They cover a lot of topics, some pertaining more to the episode than others. They talk about the romance elements, Temple of Doom nods, the use of Talzin over Dooku and more. But they also talk off topic about things like the look of Star Wars Rebels, the portrayal of Jedi in the films and even the use of the Force versus the use of magic. Even when off topic, it’s still entertaining discussion with a nice panel of guests with a variety of viewpoints.

Secrets of Star Wars: Episode 9 starts with some news, including some interesting tweets from a Hasbro executive who was able to visit the Star Wars Episode VII sets at Pinewood Studios. With the announcement that Episode VII will take place around 30 years after Return of the Jedi, the hosts probe the Star Wars timeline and the Expanded Universe works around that time period. As a fan of the EU, I really appreciate the hosts openness to it and the possibility that we may see some elements of the EU reflected in the films. Some other podcasts have a much more hostile opinion toward the EU. Great show, and well worth checking out for your dose of Episode VII discussion.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 23 features an interview with Steve Sansweet, and is an all around fun show. This is my first time tuning in to this podcast and they have a pretty good setup. They do a blend of Star Wars and Disney coverage, the hosts are very upbeat and work well together, and the sound quality is excellent. In addition to their interview with Steve, they cover the Behind the Voice Actor Award winners, Billy Dee Williams appearance on Dancing with the Stars, Star Wars Weekends news, and they have a nice chat with Mark Ogusche­witz about the Muppets which I found really interesting. Definitely worth checking out.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 421 includes a review of the 6-inch Black Series Han Solo, thoughts on wave three and the poor looking Obi-Wan. I was surprised to hear the Stormtrooper has a hold in his back just like the Sandtrooper (ie. same mold for both). Bespin Luke sounds like it might be a good figure, though I agree with the hosts, an inclusion of a stump hand would have sealed the deal. Nice episode for Black Series collectors, but they also touch on other Star Wars toy news including a UK magazine that plans on giving out a piece-by-piece Millennium Falcon that will be the same size as the prop falcon (around 32-inches).

Star Wars Influences: Episode 6 touches a little bit on the design of the Inquisitor’s helmet in Star Wars Rebels and Paul’s Vader picture featured in Star Wars Insider, before diving into a very cool discussion of Pinewood Studios. Paul talks about walking on the sets of Revenge of the Sith and being on set as a background character. They also talk about McQuarrie and Joe Johnston. It’s a nice episode with a wide range of topics.

Star Wars Report: Episode 125 is a bit of a trip down memory lane as Riley talks about some of their old podcast moments and memories. They also cover the Star Wars announcement of May filming, 30 years post-ROTJ, and the familiar and new faces. Mark is absent for this episode but Riley and Bethany put out a good show.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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