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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

501stCast: Episode 80 is a bit of a short episode. Ed Cook fills in for Scott Allen as co-host, and this show focuses on 501st Legion troop reports and upcoming events. Nice to hear that the Legion had some pretty good charity success at Toronto Comic Con with over $6,000 raised with shoot-a-trooper. Good podcast to check out if you want to keep up to date on Legion news.

Assembly of Geeks:Grumpy Gamorrean Godzilla” covers a variety of geeky topics which a focus on television and film news and rumors. Lots of entertaining discussion, and I really enjoyed their gag with the giant Gamorrean trampling Mos Eisley. Good way to stay up on tv and movie news for sci-fi and superhero stuff.

Bombad Radio: Episode 131 has a nice interview with Star Wars voice actor David Ankrum who voiced Wedge in Star Wars: A New Hope. It’s a very upbeat interview as David talks about his job in Star Wars, the other film work he’s done, and how he transitioned into writing and working as a talent agent.

Episode 132 is hosted by Jeremiah and Jason and begins their discussion of the novels of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Tearing apart and assigning praise, the hosts ambitiously go through nearly every Star Wars novel to give listeners and overview of the EU and what’s to come. In future episodes, they’ll be diving into deeper discussion on specific books, but in this episode they touch on all of them. If you’ve already the books, you may not agree with all their opinions, but I have to give them props for actually discussing each one and giving new readers an idea of what to expect. This would be an excellent episode to listen to if you’re new to the EU and would like a crash course on the books.

Episode 133 features a nice interview with author Troy Denning covering his latest book, The Sentinel, which is book four in The Sundering series and will be out in hardcover and digital formats on April 1st. Troy talks about writing the story toward the end of the series, coming back to the Forgotten Realms after so many years and the challenges involved, how he got started in the Realms, how working as a game designer affected his writing, and he mentions that he’s already working on another Forgotten Realms novel which will include some of  the characters from The Sentinel.

Episode 134 continues their coverage of the EU with a spotlight on James Luceno’s novel Darth Plagueis. They manage to discuss the book without spoiling it too much, so it’s a good one to check out whether you’ve read the book or not.

Coffee with Kenobi: Rebels Reactions with Greg Weisman features an excellent interview with the executive producer for Star Wars Rebels. Greg talks about how he got the job for Star Wars Rebels, his contributions to the show, what they’ve worked on to fully develop the characters of the show, Zeb’s species and hints at what we’ll get to see from him, reveals on some cameo voice overs, and how he got started in writing. He also talks about his long history of interacting with the fans, his work in teaching, his books, and juggling his writing career with Star Wars Rebels. Very awesome interview and a must for those looking forward to Star Wars Rebels.

Full of Sith: Episode LVI starts off with Bobby’s “Late to the Party” discussion of The Clone Wars movie  and the Malevolence arc. They cover some Star Wars Episode VII casting rumors, then head into an interview between Bryan, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner. Jimmy and Amanda both work on DC Comics Harley Quinn series as writers, and Amanda also does the cover art. But they don’t talk much about Harley Quinn. Instead, Bryan asks them about their Star Wars connections, influences (they reveal Harley Quinn #4 includes a Star Wars nod) and their opinions on the franchise. It’s an interesting interview and worth a listen.

Episode LVII starts out with the official confirmation that Star Wars Episode VII will begin filming in May and will have both new and familiar faces. Oddly they skip the news about it taking place 30 years after Return of the Jedi. Regardless, Bobby continues his feedback on watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars for the first time, then they speculate on Star Wars Episode VII. Will Thrawn or Palpatine be in it? Will the scope be big or small? And what will Luke be like? Capping off the show is another interview, this time with MAD magazine editor John Ficarra who offers some interesting insight on the relationship between MAD magazine and Star Wars. Definitely some discussion there I’ve never heard anywhere else. I didn’t know George was such a big MAD fan.

Know What I’m Saying: Episode 10 starts with some discussion of House of Cards (don’t worry, no spoilers), car damage, missed connections, and lots of other random and fun topics. On another note, Karl manages to trash the Star Wars Expanded Universe and all of its authors, plus reveals his hesitations about Star Wars Rebels. Talk about controversy. Even Steve thinks Star Wars Rebels will be a hard sell. They also talk a little about their opinions on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It’s hard to give Karl a pass on dissing all of the Star Wars books, so I’m just going to try and forget about this one.

RebelForce Radio: The Phantom Menace Commentary Episode with Sam Witwer is yet another great commentary with lots of excellent insight and fun discussion. Sam even ends it with some more fun commentary with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Clone Wars Declassified Rush Clovis Arc episode discusses all the main themes of the second arc of TCW Season 6. From Padme and Anakin’s relationship, binge watching and snowboarding Embo, they cover the full gamut with guests David Collins, Paul Bateman and F.J. DeSanto.

Episode 3.21.14 is the episode I’ve been waiting for…Dave Filoni in the hotseat for Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 6. Astonishingly, Jason skips out on this chance to ask Dave some of the most importance questions of the series, but luckily Jimmy holds his own and dives head first into the tough questions. Dave talks about the Force Priestesses, Tyranus the financier, Tup being a genetic backfire, Jango not being a Mandalorian, the naming controversy with Morriban and why George wanted it, the look of Darth Bane, and a whole lot more. If you’re a TCW fan, you have to listen to this interview. They cover some other stuff in this show, too, like Jimmy’s con report of Walker Stalker, his Honor Among Thieves audio project, and Episode VII news.

Rebels Report: Episode #8 has a great discussion of Hera Syndulla as they cover the possibility of her being a risk taker like Han Solo, her role in the Rebel Alliance, her history, how her and Kanan may have met, shipping Hera and Kanan, and other speculation. It’s an intriguing episode that raises lots of good questions.

Rock Out Loud: Bon Jovi Episode features hosts Kristin and Steve going over a bunch of Bon Jovi songs encompassing their entire discography (minus their country stuff). They mostly focus on the Cross Roads album, but they do cover a lot of other songs. If you like Bon Jovi, you’ll definitely want to give this one a listen. The discussions are fun, there are plenty of song clips (I have to admit, I was irresistibly compelled to sing out loud when they played “Wanted Dead or Alive”) and it’s a great overview of the band that includes fun trivia.

Secrets of Star Wars: Episode 8 hits on the latest casting rumors. As always, the hosts provide some fun discussion as we await the coming of Episode VII, and hopefully some imminent big casting announcements. One little rumor they picked up on, that I had not heard, was an actor who tweeted about trying out for Chewbacca but not getting the role. Let’s hope they don’t get too carried away with recasting.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 420 starts out with recent toy news, then dives into a con report of Planet Comicon. They talk about getting John Ratzenberger’s autograph, they great cosplayers and the offering of collectibles. Unfortunately, they didn’t attend any panels. Also in this episode, they cover the latest Toy Man Toy Show and checking out Duncan Jenkins’ Sithsonian.

Star Wars Report: Episode 124 features special guest host Pete Morrison as they discuss casting rumors, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and having an all new cast in Star Wars Rebels. Riley goes off on an interesting tangent with Palpatine and Plato as they delve a little into TCW. I have to admit, Pete and Riley make a good hosting team.

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