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Here is this week’s Around the Web news roundup of Star Wars and beyond.

Book News

Comic News

  • Dark Horse writer and editor Randy Stradley has started posting some of the Star Wars titles that are already low in stock. If you’re looking to pick up some titles before the go out of print, be sure to keep an eye out.

Convention & Event News

  • Animeland Wasabi runs from February 28-March 2 in Denver, CO. Star Wars voice actor John DiMaggio will be there along with Star Wars author Kevin J. Anderson.
  • Starting March 2nd, Rancho Obi-Wan will begin a series of eBay auctions to raise funds for the ranch.
  • Her Universe is having a 40% off sale up until March 5th.
  • Wonderland Anime Festival is this weekend in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Star Wars voice actor John Stocker will be there.
  • Migennes Collector kicks off this weekend in Migennes, France. Star Wars actor Kenny Baker will be there.
  • Dallas Comic & Pop Expo is March 1-2 in Richardson, TX. Star Wars guests Peter Mayhew, Jett Lucas, Cathy Munroe, Gwendoline Yeo and Jim Cummings will be there.
  • Brit Scifi runs March 1-2 in Leicester, England. Star Wars guest Shane Rimmer will be there.
  • Cardiff Film & Comic Con is also this weekend in Cardiff, Wales. Star Wars guests David Prowse, Julian Glover, Chris Muncke, Garrick Hagon, Barrie Holland, Femi Taylor, Richard Padbury, Toby Philpott, Jez Gibson-Harris, Mike Edmonds and John Coppinger will be there.
  • EPIC runs March 7-9 in El Paso, TX. Star Wars guests Dave Barclay, Stephen Costantino, Corey Dee Williams, Deep Roy and Erik Bauersfeld will be there.
  • Monster-Mania Con runs March 7-9 in Cherry Hill, NJ. Star Wars guests include Bai Ling.
  • Sacramento Comic Con runs March 7-9 in Sacramento, CA. Star Wars guests Billy Dee Williams and James Marsters will be there.
  • Toronto ComiCon runs March 7-9 in Toronto, Ontario. Star Wars guest Matthew Wood will be there.
  • Newcastle Film & Comic Con runs March 8-9 in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. Star Wars actors David Prowse, Kenny Baker, Paul Blake, Kenneth Colley, Frazer Diamond, Warwick Diamond, Patrick Ginter and Jerome Blake will be there.
  • Heart of Texas Comic Con runs March 8-9 in Waco, TX. Star Wars guests Peter Mayhew and T.C. Carson will be there.
  • Invasion Belfast runs March 8-9 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Star Wars actors Michael Carter and Alan Ruscoe will be there.
  • Lexington Comic & Toy Convention runs March 14-16 in Lexington, KY. Star Wars actors Felix Silla, John Morton, Ralph Brown, Mike Quinn, Eric Walker, Daniel Logan, Jett Lucas and Tim Rose will be there along with Star Wars voice actors Jim Cummings, Tom Kane, Barbara Goodson, Raphael Sbarge and George Takei.
  • La Mole Comic Con runs March 14-16 in Mexico City, Mexico. Star Wars guest Garrick Hagon will be there.
  • Sun City Scifi runs from March 14-16 in El Paso, TX. Star Wars guests Dave Prowse, Ray Park, C. Andrew Nelson and Phil LaMarr will be there.
  • Planet Comicon runs March 14-16 in Kansas City, MO. Star Wars guests Femi Taylor and John Ratzenberger will be there.
  • EM-Con is March 16 in Nottingham, England. Star Wars guests Brian Muir, Simon Williamson and Alan Ruscoe will be there.
  • Anime Boston runs March 21-23 in Boston, MA. Star Wars voice actor John Stocker will be there.
  • Autographica runs March 21-23 in Heathrow, England. Star Wars actors Dave Prowse, Kenny Baker and Jeremy Bulloch will be there.
  • Movie Days will be March 22-23 in Dortmund, Germany. Star Wars guest Julian Glover will be there.
  • MegaCon kicks off later in March (21-23) in

    Orlando, FL. Star Wars guests include Peter Mayhew, voice actors Jim Cummings, Matthew Senreich, Phil LaMarr, Ron Perlman, Jennifer Hale, James Marsters and Tom Kane, artist Mike Mayhew, and Roxy the Rancor!

  • MCM Comic Con Birmingham runs March 22-23 in Birmingham, England. Star Wars guests include actors Julian Glover, Benedict Taylor, Christian J. Simpson, Salo Gardner, Gerald Home, Jack Klaff, Kamay Lau, Derek Lyons, Peter Roy, and Dermot Crowley.
  • Anime Celebration runs March 28-30 in Lewisville, TX. Star Wars voice actors John Stocker, Sam Vincent and Kelly Metzger will be there.

  • Louisville Comic Con runs March 28-30 in Louisville, KY. Star Wars guest James Marsters will be there.
  • Emerald City Comicon runs March 28-30 in Seattle, WA. Star Wars guests Kevin J. Anderson, Carlos D’Anda, Katie Cook, Matt & Shawn Fillbach, Braden Lamb, Cree Summer, Joe Quinones, Brian Thies, Doug Wheatley, Dave Wolverton, and Ron Perlman will be there.
  • London Film Memorabilia Convention is March 29 in London, England. Star Wars guest Michael Culver and Julian Glover will be there.
  • Geeks Unleashed will be March 29 in Cleethorpes, England. Star Wars guest Nick Joseph will be there.

  • Oz Comic Con runs March 29-30 in Perth, Australia. Star Wars guest Tim Rose will be there.
  • London Comic Mart is March 30 in London, England. Star Wars guest Dave Prowse will be there.

For more convention info, be sure to check out Star Wars Actor Appearances.

Fandom News

  • Over on indiegogo there’s a campaign to raise money for “Space Trees“. While not officially sanctioned by Disney, LucasFilm or Hasbro, it’s a project to make some pretty cool looking Endor trees and platforms to go along with your Ewok figures.
  • Rebels Report has a great rundown on all the main characters for Star Wars Rebels with handy profile breakdowns. Very nice presentation.
  • Amy Ratcliffe wrote an intriguing article inspired by Hasbro’s somewhat controversial, male-oriented action figure line for Star Wars. I have to agree, Star Wars definitely needs more representation of females in the action figure line, and Hasbro shouldn’t be afraid to promote popular characters like Ahsoka Tano, and potentially popular characters like Hera and Sabine (Star Wars Rebels) as focus figures.
  • Drew Karpyshyn has posted part 5 of his “On Writing” series.


  • Full Half Glass did a twitter interview with author Sean Williams covering some general topics. FYI, remember SW refers to Sean Williams in this interview and now Star Wars. The Star Wars side of my brain had a hard time with that.
  • Jedi News has a nice interview with Star Wars author Christopher Golden who did some choose your adventure Star Wars books and a middle grade version of Shadows of the Empire which almost didn’t include Dash Rendar.
  • The Not So Cool Kids Podcast has a cool video interview with Star Wars author John Jackson Miller.
  • Star Wars Book Worms has an interview with comic artist and writer Zack Giallongo in one of their latest podcasts.
  • You can also submit questions for comic writer and artist Gabriel Hardman here for an upcoming interview.

Movie and Television News

  • Newsarama has a character focus write up on one of the newest characters to be revealed for Star Wars Rebels: Hera. It includes a video showing concept art, screen stills, voicework and commentary from the cast and crew. There’s also an interview with Vanessa Marshall, the voice actress for Hera.
  • There’s a new trailer out for Godzilla. I didn’t realize Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) was going to be in the movie. My interest has certainly perked up.


  • This one has absolutely nothing to do with Star Wars, but for toy collectors and lovers of robots, this one might catch your interest. One ingenuitive fan made a stop motion video of The Dirty Dozen, a set of rare toys made by ThreeA for the Word War Robot line. I happen to have this set, and let me say, these toys are awesome.
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