The Black Series: Han Solo

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One of the better figures in Wave 2 of Hasbro’s 6-inch Black Series figures is none other than Han Solo. He looks realistic, comes with a decent amount of accessories, has a good paint app, and some really good articulation.

In his traditional outfit, he sports his low slung holster, yellow piloting gloves and DL-44 heavy blaster pistol.

He also comes with his Corellian blood stripe pants.

The 1:12 scale doesn’t match the Star Wars Unleashed figures, so collectors are still out of luck if they want to pair Han up with Chewie.

But he does work pretty well with the Millennium Falcon stand.

Like Greedo, the Han Solo figure has a lot of articulation and a very large range of movement.

Here’s a close-up of the yellow gloved hand. Note the point of articulation on the hand. If you pull straight out, the hand pops right off, and you can switch it with his regular hands.

One attention to detail that I really liked about this figure is the holster. It comes a nice tie down strap for the pistol that can be latched and unlatched.

The Holster it a good fit and even comes with an additional loop around that fits around his knee. The belt is completely removable.

The figure comes with an alternative stormtrooper belt and E-11 blaster rifle which can be holstered.

Something I didn’t notice right away is that Han is a lot taller than Luke. According to IMDb, Harrison Ford is four inches taller than Mark Hamill.

With the addition of Wave 2, there’s a lot more possibility for the figures as they…run into sandtrooper problems.

Or Boba Fett problems.

Cue the Good, the Bad and the Ugly music.

Aside from shootouts, you may want to try customizing your Han Solo action figure. For instance, there’s Darth Maul’s head.

Or Darth Maul’s body.

You can also swap him with Luke.

Although the Luke swap makes Han look really short, and Luke has a giraffe neck going on.

While Fett’s helmet won’t fit on Han’s neck, Han’s head will fit on Greedo’s body.

And Greedo’s head will fit on Han’s body.

Han: Don’t even think about it!

Here’s the full lineup of Wave 1 & 2 minus Slave Leia (which I don’t plan on picking up). As you can see, Luke is the short one in the bunch.

And then there’s the ultimate scene. Han and Greedo sitting down for the gunfight.

Will Han shoot first?

Of course he will.

No mercy for Greedo.


For those who don’t want to wait around for Hasbro to make Black Series cantina room furniture, you can check out eBay for 1:12 scale furniture which will work perfectly for your 6-inch Star Wars Black Series figures.

I’d have to say in comparison with the other figures, Han scores very high. He comes with a lot of accessories (his DL-44 blaster and an E-11 blaster rifle), two gun belts and two sets of hands (one gloved and one ungloved). The figure has good paint apps and a good likeness to movie character. Best of all, he has a lot of good articulation. For fans of Han Solo, this is a must buy.

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