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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review. Got set back by a nasty cold, but I still managed to make it through some podcasts, though the news was grim when the discussion turned toward Dark Horse and Marvel. Hopefully next week’s batch will be more uplifting.

Bombad Radio: Episode 119 is their January free for all as they discuss a bunch of random Star Wars topics. Some nice discussion, and worth a listen.

ForceCast: Episode #285 covers the Marvel Star Wars comic news among other things like the Star Wars: The Clone Wars bonus content and Star Wars Disneyland attractions.

Full of Sith: Episode XLVII features hosts Mike, Bryan and Bobbie as they discuss the end of the Star Wars Expanded Universe and the task of the Star Wars story group. As a lover of the EU, this was a hard episode to listen to. Mike and Bobbie have no love for the EU. There just wasn’t much discussion for me to agree on, to enjoy, or to be intrigued by. If you’re a fan of the EU, you may just want to skip this episode.

Lightspeed (RebelForce Radio): The Best of Mark Hamill episode has some nice interviews with Mark as well as part of a panel he did. Interviews include one at Star Wars Celebration Japan, one at Star Was Celebration V, plus the panel from Celebration V. Good stuff if you haven’t heard them yet.

Star Wars Beyond the Films: Episode 106 covers the Marvel news and lots of speculation. From crossover potential to price jumps, they cover the full spectrum. As a Dark Horse fan, though, my heart just isn’t in it, and I’ve had a hard time finding any enjoyment lately with any of the podcasts covering the Marvel news.

Temple Archives: Episode 80 covers the best and worst of 2013. The guys talks about some of their favorite Star Wars books of last year, and struggle trying to think of a bad one. They even answer some fan questions like “Clonetroopers or Stormtroopers” and make some predictions for 2014. Jesse’s prediction is enough to make me shove him in the sarlacc pit, however, since he foresees the end of the Star Wars contract with Del Rey. I’ve had enough doom and gloom lately, so I could definitely do without that.

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