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Here is this week’s podcasts in review.

Assembly of Geeks: Episode 1.7.2014 “Movies and Video Games of 2014” covers just about what the title says. The hosts are joined by guests Emily Kelley and Peter Kunin who provide some fun discussion and opinions. Putting that aside, GANNIN has a new shtick in this episode which I can’t quite figure out and worst of all, they leave hanging. Such teases! :)

Bombad Radio: Episode 114 is a combo featuring some pre-Hobbit speculation (thus spoiler free), and a partial panel of Manu Bennet talking about his part in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. If you like the Manu Bennet panel, which I did, then you’ll want to check out…

Episode 115 which includes the panel in its entirety. The guy has some great stories. I was so moved, that I actually went out and picked up the first complete season of Spartacus (which I’ve never watched) and I’m seriously tempted to try out Arrow.

Coffee with Kenobi: Book Review Episode for Razor’s Edge includes special guest Megan from Blog Full of Words. Cory, Dan Z and Megan all dive into Razor’s Edge for a full discussion of the book, including spoilers. From the diversity of the cast to the small, yet possibly significant role of Luke in the story. Lots interesting and fun topics. If you’ve read the book already, you’ll want to give this one a listen.

Jedi Journals: January 2014 episode covers a rundown on comics and books, as usual, and a surprisingly positive outlook on the move of the comic license to Marvel. In fact, they even speculate that we could see Marvel pump out as many as a dozen Star Wars titles a month if they follow the formula they use with some of their other titles.

Lightspeed (RebelForce Radio): The Best of Anthony Daniels is a great combination of several interviews with C-3PO himself. If you haven’t heard these before, which I haven’t, then you won’t want to miss this one. Jimmy Mac kicked off the show with a really terrific sounding interview that covered some very nice topics. They follow it up with another interview taken later on and featuring both Jimmy and Jason fielding the questions. Good stuff.

Rebels Report: Episode #3 features a nice interview with Star Wars author Jason Fry. They cover some good ground reaching all the way back to Jason’s start with Star Wars which never got published, and then his leap over to the Star Wars gaming magazines which eventually lead all the way to the Star Wars Atlas. Jason also talks about his new original series, The Jupiter Pirates.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 413 is their year in review part two. In this half of the recap, they cover the higher end collectible items like Gentle Giant and Sideshow, plus some nice coverage of the books (one of Arnie’s favorite Star Wars books was Crucible, so I’m not alone!). Like the previous episode, this one is a group review featuring a half dozen guests all weighing in with their opinions. They cover a lot of stuff in this one, so it’s worth checking out.

Star Wars Influences: Episode 4 dives into some serious comics discussion as Jimmy Mac and Paul Bateman talk about what they’ve liked with Dark Horse and Marvel’s take on Star Wars. Their discussion, however, focuses a lot on nostalgia as they talk about their love for Dark Empire and the old Marvel Star Wars comics. While they do touch a little on more recent titles, I couldn’t help but find myself wanting more discussion of more recent titles. Heck, even some of the older titles back in the prequel heydays would have been nice. Still, they cover some interesting subjects. I found Jimmy’s mention of the Emperor having some journal sections in the old Dark Empire UK versions to be very interesting.

Star Wars Report: Episode 116 touches on a few random topics, a few pieces of news and an abbreviated year in review. That said, it was still a good episode and it included Riley, Mark, Aaron and Theresa all joining in on the discussion. They cover Marvel gaining the Star Wars license, Dark Horse doing the Darth Maul comic based on Star Wars: The Clone Wars scripts, Riley’s podcasting audition tape and more. Worth noting, Riley is thinking of changing things up by recording episodes ahead of time in order to get them out on a more regular fashion and in the shorter, half hour format. As long as they keep their great cast of hosts and guests, it should be a good move.

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