The Year of the Horse

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Dark Horse Comics talked to CBR covering their plans for 2014, preparing for the Marvel news, and what fans can expect in the year of the horse.

CBR News: Gentlemen, I wanted to start out talking about Dark Horse’s overall line right now…

Mike Richardson: You’re not even going to start out with “Star Wars” which everyone’s been calling about for the last three days? [Laughter]

CBR New: Well that too! I think the thing about the news of Star Wars leaving Dark Horse next year to go to Marvel that struck me was that you must have known this was coming. How did you plan around the loss of that license through 2014 and beyond?

Richardson: Well, we’ve known for a long time that Star Wars was going. We couldn’t announce it until Lucasfilm was ready, and they picked the day of January 3, allowing us to get through the holidays without having to deal with it. But we’ve known this for a very long time as we’ve built our schedule. The thing that’s a little bit irritating is hearing this talk of “Well, Dark Horse can’t get by without Star Wars.” Star Wars constituted less than 6% of our bottom line. We’re talking a year in which we’ve had a sensational year. So we’re fine without Star Wars.

Click here to check out everything Mike Richardson and Scott Allie had to say about Dark Horse’s plans for 2014 and Star Wars.

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  1. …but they did such a good job with Star Wars. I want then to keep that 6% of their bottom line. *additional token grumbling about Disney*

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