Marvel Meets Star Wars

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Artist Robert Shane did some fun mashups between Star Wars and Marvel characters. What started as a fun project has now become rather relevant. Enjoy!

Iron Trooper

This is the third and final picture in my trilogy of paintings depicting hybrid Marvel and Star Wars characters.

For this one I’ve combined elements of Iron Man’s costume with an Imperial Stormtrooper to make… Iron Trooper!

Like my Darth Doom picture before this – I’m not the first person to imagine how these characters could look combined – but I had a lot of fun creating a design that balances visual traits of both characters and I hope it shows my ability to take familiar concepts and create a new spin on them.

This is a low-res version of the original which was drawn in Photoshop (from an original pencil and paper drawing) using a Wacom pad. I used Sketchup to create a 3D version of the tunnel that the character’s standing in – which I then exported as a 2D image and colored in Photoshop.

-Robert Shane

Darth Doom

Darth Doom… sounds good to me – at least it’s better than Dr Vader!

I try to always come up with original ideas – and I thought I’d done it again with ‘Darth Doom’… until I Googled the name and found out I’m certainly not the first person to think it would be a good idea to mix these two legendary bad guys. Nevertheless, I really liked the concept and had ideas for how I wanted this character to look – so I went ahead and created my own version mixing elements of both characters’ costumes.

This is a low-res version of the original which was drawn in Photoshop using a Wacom pad.

-Robert Shane

Mace Fury

Samuel L Jackson has been great in pretty much every movie I’ve seen him in. He also happens to play key characters in both the Star Wars and Marvel movie universes – so here’s a quick concept idea for a mash-up between his ‘Nick Fury’ from Marvel’s Avengers and ‘Mace Windu’ from Star Wars. I call him… Mace Fury!!!

(I’m not sure if Mace Fury sounds cool, or if it sounds more like some kind of personal attack protection product!?)

I haven’t drawn Mr Jackson before – so I’m pleased with how his likeness came out. I’ve adapted elements from both characters for the costume and tried to combine them into a believable look. I’m not sure why anyone with Jedi powers and a lightsaber might need a pistol – but I thought I’d add one – just in case ‘Mace Fury’ also likes to take out his enemies at long range too.

I can’t think up any far-fetched idea for how, or why, such a character might ever exist – but I guess we’ve had weirder ‘what if’ stories exploring all kinds of strange parallel universes…like Superman vs Muhammad Ali, and Star Trek and the X-Men!

And now that Disney owns both Marvel and Star Wars – who knows whether they’ve even considered some kind of cross-over themselves? It can only be a matter of time… :)

This was drawn in Photoshop using a Wacom pad.

-Robert Shane

Spider Droid

A while ago I posted three illustrations merging Star Wars and Marvel characters and now that it’s been confirmed that Star Wars comics will once again be created by Marvel, I thought the time was right to create a second ‘trilogy’ of mash-up concepts.

For this one, I’ve mixed Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man with a Battle Droid from the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

This is a low-res version of the original which was drawn by me in Photoshop using a Wacom pad.

-Robert Shane


Those concepts attracted a lot of attention and seemed to get people thinking about other possible ‘mash-ups’. One of the comments (I read them all) on my Darth Doom piece, from DracoDrange, suggested a mix between Marvel’s Beast and Chewbacca. I liked that idea – and here’s my illustration of what that character could look like. I hate the name though – but couldn’t think of anything better than ‘Beastbacca’!

This is a low-res version of the original which was drawn in Photoshop using a Wacom pad.

-Robert Shane

Natasha Organa

One of the comments I got asked was why I hadn’t drawn any female characters… so here’s one! I’ve tried to imagine how the Black Widow might have turned out if she’d also been adopted by Bail Organa (hence the cinnamon buns hairstyle – a family favorite!) and tried to make her look like Scarlett Johansson.

This is a low-res version of the original which was drawn by me in Photoshop using a Wacom pad. However, for the background I adapted and colored a 3D model of the Tantive IV corridor from Sketchup which you can view here:…

-Robert Shane

You can check out more of Robert Shane’s artwork on his deviantArt page.

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