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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

All Wings Report: Episode IX is a comeback episode as the who returns from it’s long hiatus. Unfortunately this one mostly covers Rebel Legion business as they talk a little about some of the internal issues that are going on with the group’s charter. Not much for non-members to listen to.

Bombad Radio: Episode 116 has an excellent interview with Nathalie Cox, voice actress for The Force Unleashed (Juno Eclipse), and actress in films like Kingdom of Heaven, Clash of the Titans and more. Last time she was on the show, they talked Star Wars, so this time around they cover her other work including films and videogames. Definitely worth a listen. Nathalie provides friendly conversation and some great tidbits from her career.

Episode 117 is Bombad Radio’s Year in Review show. Hosts Jeremiah and James rundown the survey results of what fans thought were the best interviews, guests and panels of the year. They also drop some hints on what will coming in 2014.

Episode 118 focuses on the movies of 2013 as Jeremiah is joined by several guests. They go over their favorite films of the year and give special attention to the soundtracks as well. I was surprised out how well received Frozen was, especially since that movie wasn’t even on my radar.

Full of Sith: Episode XLVI is a special episode as it is the last one featuring Consetta Parker as a host. During the show, they announce that Consetta will no longer be a regular host for the show, but hopefully will stay around as a regular guest whenever possible. Filling in Consetta’s shoes will be Bobbie Roberts who is coming on full time to join Bryan Young and Mike Pilot as hosts for Full of Sith. Aside from, they cover the Marvel/Dark Horse Star Wars comic news, their lack of much interest in a Boba Fett spin off film (unless it’s directed by Joe Johnston and written by Lawrence Kasdan), and they dive into voicemails as they celebrate their one year anniversary. A nice episode to end the year with.

RebelForce Radio: Year in Review Part I features special guest Kyle Newman who hangs out for the entire show as they talk about all the Star Wars stuff that went down in 2013. Kyle talks a little about his new movie, Barely Lethal, and working with Samuel L. Jackson before diving into all things Star Wars. From LEGO Star Wars to Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor, they touch on all kinds of topics.

Star Wars Oxygen: Episode 2 covers an inspirational song for the medal ceremony music, then dives into the themes of Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. They play some clips of the music and even an alternate version of Binary Sunset that sounds much more ominous than the one used in the film. All in all, a great exploration of the music of Star Wars and a very unique show that’s well worth checking out.

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