Will Your Digital Star Wars Comics Be Safe?

January 5, 2014 at 8:21 am | Posted in Comic Books, Dark Horse, Star Wars | 1 Comment

With the news that Marvel will be taking over the Star Wars comic license next year, fans are asking a lot of questions. Among those is what will happen to your digital Star Wars comic collections. Thankfully, Good e-Reader has some answers.

I asked Dark Horse spokesman Aub Driver what would happen to Star Wars comics that were purchased digitally via the Dark Horse app and he said “All purchased titles residing in your account on Dark Horse Digital will remain in your account’s ‘Cloud’ forever. So, while the Star Wars titles may no longer be purchasable from the storefront after December 2014 – they will certainly remain viewable and readable in your account.”

As for what will be the fate of the 20 years’ worth of comics produced by Dark Horse, Driver said, “Per our original contract with LucasFilm, reprints/usage of Dark Horse published material would require Disney to purchase the original files directly from Dark Horse.”

Aub also reiterated the point in a recent Dark Horse Comics news release.

– Dark Horse has a FULL YEAR of Star Wars titles coming down the line.  We’re going full speed to December 2014.  This also means our convention exclusives just got a whole lot more exclusive (Just wait for SDCC & NYCC).

– Reading Star Wars on Dark Horse Digital? Fear not, you get to keep your copies in your account’s cloud.

So, while this may be our last year with our favorite Star Wars comic writers, artists, characters and storylines, digital consumers will still be able to enjoy their collections after the switch to Marvel.

Posted By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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