Matt Kindt Talks ‘Rebel Heist’

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Cover by Adam Hughes

Comic Book Resources has an interview with Matt Kindt who talks about his upcoming Star Wars mini-series Rebel Heist. The four issue series will be launching in April and published by Dark Horse Comics. The series will feature artwork by Marco Castiello (who was a penciller for Knight Errant: Escape and Purge: The Tyrant’s Fist).

Matt had some interesting things to say about the new series, including the fact that he said ‘no’ at first.

I got myself into such a busy schedule this summer, so I told them no. Then, the next day, I was taking a shower or something, and I just had an idea. “That’s what I could do!” I wasn’t trying to think of an idea for it; an idea just popped into my head. So I called them back the next day. “If it can’t be this, I don’t know if I have time to think of another thing.” They were really great about it.

As well as the premise…

 “How great would it be to do a series where you get to see Han Solo from a regular dude’s point of view?” Which is basically my point of view! What if I got to tag along with Han Solo, and we had to do some mission for the rebellion? What would that be like? I thought something like that would be awesome.

So that was the springboard. It would be cool to have four core characters, and each issue would play with that idea — Princess Leia and a spy character who she teams up with, but it’s all from the point of view of the character Princess Leia teams up with. Viewing Princess Leia, viewing Han Solo, viewing Chewbacca, viewing Luke through the guise of a normal dude. Han Solo is like the coolest character ever, so it was fun to write that, where this guy’s sort of starstruck by him — just like I would be. Then they’ve got this mission to do, and doing a real mission where everything’s on the line, and your life is in danger — by the end of that issue, Han Solo’s not so cool anymore. This guy’s scared out of his mind. Han Solo’s kind of reckless.

Each issue will feature a different character and by the fourth issue, they’ll all tie together. Click here to check out the full interview and some of the interior art.

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