T’Was the Night Before Christmas

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Read by Star Wars: The Clone Wars actors James Arnold Taylor and Tom Kane.

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Roqoo Depot’s Best of 2013

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It’s been a heck of a year for Star Wars fans. The cancelling of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a constant flow of rumors for Star Wars Episode VII, and the impending release for Star Wars Rebels and TCW bonus content. For Star Wars readers, there’s certainly been no shortage of books to choose from. As this year wraps up, we here at Roqoo Depot present our look back at the best of 2013, be it Star Wars books or non-Star Wars books, television or movies. Here’s the best of what saw and read.

Best Star Wars Book of 2013

Nominees… Continue Reading Roqoo Depot’s Best of 2013…

Monday Funny: Jurat-at Park

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What if Jurassic Park was Star Wars?

via Slackstory

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New Release: ‘The Jupiter Pirates: Hunt for the Hydra’ by Jason Fry

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Jason Fry has a new book out today, The Jupiter Pirates: Hunt for the Hydra.

Meet Tycho, Yana, and Carlo Hashoone: crewers aboard the privateer Shadow Comet, siblings, and competitors. Each wants to be the next captain of their family’s starship — but only one of them will be chosen.

Part high-seas adventure, part space-age epic, The Jupiter Pirates is an unforgettable saga about a solar system on the brink of war and one family caught in the middle of it.

Click here to check out the first five chapters. You can order it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the official website.

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