CBR Interview Rinzler Plus Art From #0 Issue

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CBR has a nice interview with J.W. Rinzler covering The Star Wars. He made some interesting comments…

“This is the raw form and it’s just a fun adventure, a fun romp — the characters develop but it’s very organic — so it’s not even really clear who the central character is until you get to the fifth and sixth issue.” -J.W. Rinzler

“But there’s more story left than Annikin’s story. The Wookiees are going to come into it too. George never slows down his inventiveness so I think the story keeps getting better and better. What I like about “The Star Wars” #4 is that you get a “Dirty Dozen” team assembled and now they’re going off on their main adventure, which is to get to the princess to safety. And it’s kind of started already but it’s also basically a romance between Annikin and Leia while Annikin tries to succeed in his mission.” -J.W. Rinzler

“You’re going to see a bunch of Wookiees.” -J.W. Rinzler

“[General Luke Skywalker] is the mentor to Annikin, definitely. But he’s also more like Patton. “I don’t care who is up against me, I have a very short temper and I am going to cut off heads, legs, whatever it takes. I will even cut people in half.” Jedi in “The Star Wars” are take-no-prisoners. They’re almost like samurai. Once they take out their lightsabers, they are lethal. They’re not going to put it back in the sheath because a few people are missing arms, legs and heads.” -J.W. Rinzler

Click here to check out the full interview. They also have some page samples from the upcoming #0 issue which includes new sketch artwork and info.

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