The Black Series: Greedo

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As a collector, I’ve dived into Hasbro’s 6 inch Black Series figures, and with the release of Wave Two, I’ve fallen in love with Greedo.

Like the other figures in the series, Greedo has some nice articulation and attention to detail. His legs have a lot of articulation, far superior to the other figures in the series so far. They have a good range of motion forwards, and some decent backwards flexibility as well. The ankles have a little bit of forward and backward rotation. He also has a lot of arm motion since there is nothing blocking the movement in any direction. The only two points of articulation that fall flat is his head and his waist. Both can rotate left and right, but there is little to no range in pivoting forward or backward.

For accessories, Greedo comes only with his small blaster pistol which can be conveniently holstered. I think Hasbro should have included more accessories considering the 6 inch Black Series come with a premium price. A glass of ale or blue milk would have been cool, and if they end up making a bar scene accessory with table and chairs, I fully expect them to include some drinking glasses. A couple more weapons would have been nice, too, even if it wouldn’t have been completely movie accurate. Kenner certainly took liberties in the old days, and I think that sort of willingness to be creative and go for the extra fun factor would be beneficial to the toy line.

Here’s a close-up shot of Greedo. If you’re shopping for these in person, be sure to look closely for variations in the paint apps. Figure-to-figure, you’ll notice small variations in the dirt wash on Greedo’s clothing. Some are heavier than others. I also noticed one Greedo that actually had one of it’s antennae completely bent over and a splash of beige paint on his chest. There are also discrepancies in the silver paint around his eyes, much like eyeliner. Some figures have a lot, and some have very little, so you can pick which ever looks best to you. I went with minimal eyeliner.

Now as a bounty hunter, I’d expect Greedo to have more weapons, so I snagged one of the heavy blaster rifles from the Sandtrooper. It makes a good accessory.

This gun works well because Greedo can support it with his other arm. His left hand is in a gun grip posture with one extra long trigger finger. Since his fingers have little suction cup shapes at the ends, his trigger finger won’t fit into most of the trigger guards for the other blaster weapons. His right hand is in an open posture which looks nice for waving, supporting a blaster rifle, or even performing a karate chop. Still, it would have been nice if Hasbro would have supplied some extra hands in different grips. The Han Solo action figure comes with extra hands, so it’s definitely a missed opportunity on Hasbro’s part.

It’s worth noting that the ball joint for Greedo’s head is smaller than the Sandtrooper, so the helmet will only dangle on him, but it’s still kinda funny to see. With a little bit of work, you could put some padding into the helmet so it would fit more snug.

Thankfully Greedo’s head joint is the same size as Luke and Darth Maul, so their heads are easily swappable. Pilot Greedo actually looks really cool.

Rogue Squadron fans may want to pick up some extras in order to make their very own Andoorni Hui (a female Rogue pilot who appeared in the first Rogue Squadron novel).

Here’s another close-up of Greedo’s face. You can see how there is barely any silver eyeliner on this piece. Others have very heavy silver paint lining his entire eye.

As mentioned earlier, Greedo’s head is compatible with Darth Maul’s, so you can have the ultimate bounty hunter Greedo.

Meanwhile, Maul is hanging out on Greedo’s body.

Maul doesn’t look too happy being trapped on a Rodian’s body.

I’m pretty big fan of Darth Greedo, though.

But the real fun of Greedo is sitting him down in a chair for a little action. While I haven’t picked up the Han Solo figure yet, I figured Luke would be a good substitute. As you can see, Hasbro got the articulation for this pose just about perfect. Greedo can easily be positioned to sit in a 1:12 scale chair with his blaster threateningly poised to kill his prey. His posture in this scene even manages to convey a little swagger.

Uh oh. Things aren’t going well for this match up.

Maybe Luke shouldn’t have drank so much Whyren’s Reserve.

Greedo the Badass.

Sure, Darth Maul and Boba Fett are iconic Star Wars characters. But don’t underestimate the fun you can have with Greedo. Of all the Wave One and Wave Two 6 inch Black Series figures, I’d have to say he’s my favorite. So be sure to check your local Target, Kmart and Toys R Us stores for this classic Star Wars character, or head on over to Amazon and try to catch him on sale. If you’re collecting the 6 inch figures, he’s a must have.

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