Coffee with Kenobi interviews Martha Wells

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Coffee with Kenobi has an interview with Empire and Rebellion: Razor’s Edge author Martha Wells in their latest book chat episode. Click here to give it a listen.

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Micro Excerpt #3 for ‘Maul: Lockdown’

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Star Wars Books has posted micro excerpt #3 for Maul: Lockdown by Joe Schreiber.

For a moment Smight wasn’t sure whether what he was seeing was real or a side effect of the stim. Eight meters in front of him, the mountainous shape of his employer had already come into focus to fill the entire corner of the ready room. Smight gaped as Jabba Desilijic Tiure shifted his enormous tail, gazing out at the audience that awaited him.

“Hello, Jabba,” Sadiki said. “I appreciate you making time in your busy schedule for me.”

“Sadiki Blirr.” The crime lord’s mouth opened just enough for him to run his tongue along his upper lip with a lascivious sneer. “You know, if you ever get tired of running that prison, I would be happy to make you one of my slave girls.”

“Such a generous offer.” She remained absolutely composed, even congenial, before him. “Unfortunately, I’ll have to decline for now.”

“To what do I owe the honor?”

“Ah, well.” Sadiki gestured at the guards who had come to abrupt attention behind her, including Smight himself. “I believe I have some of your people here.”

Maul: Lockdown will be out on January 28, 2014 in hardcover, digital and audiobook formats. Fans can also check out the prequel short story “The Syrox Redemption”  in Star Wars Insider #146 which is illustrated by John Van Fleet.

Micro Excerpt #1
Micro Excerpt #2

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Happy Birthday, Aaron Allston

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Today we wish a happy birthday to Star Wars author Aaron Allston. While Aaron doesn’t have any new Star Wars books coming up, there are still plenty of Allston stories you can check out outside of Star Wars. If you’d like to buy him a gift for his birthday, be sure to check out his store. And be sure to stop by Twitter and Facebook to wish him a happy birthday.

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Happy Birthday, Waru

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Today we wish a special birthday to Waru. Nineteen years ago today, Waru was brought to life amidst the pages of Vonda N. McIntyre’s The Crystal Star. The 309 page hardcover was a New York Times bestseller, and for good or bad, Waru is well remembered to this day for his strangeness. I mean, there aren’t many characters that Han and Luke actually took a swim in. Nor have there been many who feasted on Force sensitive individuals in an attempt to return home. In a way, Waru is kind of like a maligned version of E.T., he’s just more sinister.

So in celebration of this momentous day, stop by the Church of Waru, give thanks to the author who gave him birth, or just stop by and give him a shout out on Twitter. Waru promises not to eat you…probably.

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