Star Wars Bohemian Rhapsody

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Some things just have to be shared, and this is one of them: a Star Wars version of Bohemian Rhapsody done so well. Be sure to give the video a like on Youtube. It deserves it.

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Inside ‘Star Wars Insider 146’

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Star Wars Insider 146 is out for subscribers and will be hitting newsstands on December 10th.

  • Star Wars Rebels update from Athena Portillo, the line producer on the show. She mentioned that Rebels is still in the early stages of production for season one, but they’ve begun animating their first script.
  • Star Wars author Jason Fry has article on the appeal of Boba Fett covering his first appearances to the development of his backstory in the Expanded Universe.
  • Star Wars author Aaron Allston pops in for some quick questions.
  • There’s part 2 of the conversation between George Lucas, Alan Dean Foster and Charles Lippincott in their preparatory discussion for Splinter of the Mind’s Eye. They talk about spirit monsters, killing Vader, and using Han in the second sequel novel.
  • Rogues Gallery covers the who’s who of the pilots in the Hoth Rebel Base.
  • There’s an interview with Star Wars Rebels executive producer Greg Weisman who talks about his preparation and inspiration for the show, and the importance of strong female characters. He notes that there will be two female leads in Star Wars Rebels.
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Podcasts in Review

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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Bombad Radio: Episode 110 is there Sam Witwer interview episode. I didn’t get a chance to listen to is last week, but I was a little surprised at how short it was. Still, it’s always cool to hear Sam talk Star Wars and I had no idea he did the voice for the Emperor in the Star Wars pinball games. Filling out the episode, the hosts talk about their favorite Star Wars characters, Bat Kid, and they have a segment covering Screen Rants what if article on who you would want to compete in the Hunger Games. Interesting to think about 16 year old Luke Skywalker going up against Buffy the Vampire Like, Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, and Hit-Girl. Fun discussion as always.

Coffee with Kenobi: Episode 8 features special guest Scott Murray from Assembly of Geeks as they cover Return of the Jedi. There’s some fun discussion as they explore why it’s Scott’s favorite Star Wars film, why some fan’s didn’t like it, and why it stands the test of time. This episode also has an interview with Del Rey editor Erich Schoeneweiss, interviewed by Tricia Barr. Erich talks a little about his involvement and work on the Star Wars books, including J.W. Rinzler’s The Making of Return of the Jedi, and drops a very intriguing tidbit about the current line of Star Wars fiction, “on the fiction side, there’s tons of stuff in the works”. It’s worth noting that he was not talking about Star Wars guides as he said right now, they don’t have anything going on.

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