New Cover for ‘Honor Among Thieves’

November 19, 2013 at 12:31 pm | Posted in Art, Books, Star Wars, Star Wars Books | 1 Comment
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Star Wars Books has unveiled the new cover for Honor Among Thieves.

Since you guys are so great to us, we have a special treat for you. Here’s an exclusive reveal of the new cover to James S. A. Corey’s upcoming novel, Star Wars: Honor Among Thieves! We’re really excited to show you guys the great cover art by Alan Brooks featuring a new character, Scarlet Hark. We’re big fans of this new character and think you will be too. And don’t forget to pre-order the book now. It will be hitting shelves and your devices March 4th.

Random House’s product page has links for those interested in pre-ordering.

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  1. Color me intrigued. I really enjoyed some of the past publications that focused on Han, so this should be good. It’d be nice if they dove back into his life before Episode 4 though. That stuff was REALLY cool.

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