New Release: ‘Iron Man Manual’ by Daniel Wallace

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Star Wars author Daniel Wallace lends his talents to Marvel for the Iron Man Manual. This hardcover covers everything you need to know about the Iron Man universe.

Go inside Tony Stark’s amazing high-tech world with this stunning exploration of Marvel’s Iron Man universe. Compiled by Stark’s loyal digital assistant, JARVIS, Iron Man Manual delves into the Stark Industries archives to deliver a complete report on all aspects of the billionaire playboy’s life. From a S.H.I.E.L.D. psychological evaluation that reveals the true Tony Stark to detailed breakdowns of the suits and weaponry that make his armored alter ego so formidable, Iron Man Manual is the ultimate exploration of his extraordinary career. Also featuring in-depth reports on Stark’s allies and enemies, along with classified information on Stark Tower, the Malibu mansion, and Stark’s workshop, Iron Man Manual is the ultimate guide to the world of a Super Hero legend.

Click here to check out the official product page from Insight Editions.

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New Release: ‘The Dragon Business’ by Kevin J. Anderson

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Kevin J. Anderson has a new serial out called The Dragon Business. The eight part serial will be released on a weekly basis starting today. You can get the whole thing for just a $1.99 on Amazon.

King Cullin may be known as “the Dragon Slayer,” but he fears his son’s legacy will be as “King Maurice Who Speaks with Proper Grammar.” The boy keeps his nose buried in parchments, starry-eyed at the idea of noble knights and eager to hand royal gold to any con man hawking a unicorn horn. Tonight, though, Cullin will educate the prince in the truth behind minstrels’ silly songs of glory…

Long ago, in a kingdom, well, not that far from here really, young Cullin traveled the countryside as squire to brave Sir Dalbry, along with Dalbry’s trusted sidekick Reeger, selling dragon-protection services to every kingdom with a coffer. There were no dragons, of course, but with a collection of severed alligator heads and a willingness to play dirty, the trio of con men was crushing the competition. Then along came Princess Affonyl.

Tomboyish and with a head for alchemy, Affonyl faked a dragon of her own, escaped her arranged marriage, and threw in with Cullin and company. But with her father sending a crew of do-gooder knights to find her, the dragon business just got cutthroat.

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New Cover for ‘Honor Among Thieves’

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Star Wars Books has unveiled the new cover for Honor Among Thieves.

Since you guys are so great to us, we have a special treat for you. Here’s an exclusive reveal of the new cover to James S. A. Corey’s upcoming novel, Star Wars: Honor Among Thieves! We’re really excited to show you guys the great cover art by Alan Brooks featuring a new character, Scarlet Hark. We’re big fans of this new character and think you will be too. And don’t forget to pre-order the book now. It will be hitting shelves and your devices March 4th.

Random House’s product page has links for those interested in pre-ordering.

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Dark Horse Star Wars Solicitations for February 2014

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Here are the Star Wars solicitations from Dark Horse Comics for February 2014.

Dark Times: A Spark Remains TPB

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Book Review: ‘Matadora’ by Steve Perry

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What happens when you write a sequel for a story by ditching the main character and replacing him with the equivalent of a futuristic female samurai? The result is Matadora. In this book, Steve Perry follows up The Man Who Never Missed with a character focus on one of his students. Dirisha goes from wandering samurai to curious student to a believer of a cause. Click here to read our full review.

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