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Here is this week’s Around the Web news round up of Star Wars and beyond.

Black Friday Deals

  • Amazon has the Star Wars Legacy Droid Factory figures half off. You can check out their other half off Star Wars deals here which includes wave one of the 6″ Black Series figures.
  • Titan Magazines is running a special promotion for Star Wars Insider. Sign up and you can get a free copy of the Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual or the Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual.
  • is doing a Black Friday Giveaway for Wave 2 of the 3-3/4″ Black Series figures.
  • As a comic fan, my favorite Black Friday sale is Things From Another World. Discounts vary, but on nick and dent items you can get 80% off. Click here to check out their Star Wars selection.
  • Her Universe has a Black Friday sale going on with free shipping, a free Darth Vader holiday pin with any purchase, and new items being offered.
  • The Force Among Us is doing a sale with 50% off some items and some freebies like the Ewok Tusken Raider poster and trading cards.
  • Dark Horse Comics has a Star Wars digital mega bundle.
  • WeLoveFine is running both a Black Friday deal and a Cyber Monday deal. For Black Friday, use promo code BLACKFRIDAYTSHIRTS15 for 15% off and BLACKFRIDAYTSHIRTS25 for 25% off orders over a $100. On Cyber Monday, use promo code JEDI15 for 15% off and REBEL25 for 25% off orders over $100.
  • The short story “Human Error” by John Jackson Miller is free today on Amazon.
  • Angry Robot Books is having a half off sale today on eBooks. While they don’t have any Star Wars titles, they do have books by Star Wars authors such as Emilie & The Hollow World by Martha Wells, The Hammer and the Blade by Paul S. Kemp, and A Discourse in Steel by Paul S. Kemp. Just enter “robotfriday” for the promo code.
  • Star Wars artist Joe Corroney is running a 30% off sale today for his online store. Just use the promo code SITH.
  • Star Wars artist Jerry Vanderstelt is also running a sale with 15% off his artwork on his online store. Just use the promo code BFW-1.

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Happy Birthday, Tom Taylor

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Today we wish a happy birthday to Tom Taylor. Be sure to wish Tom a happy birthday on Twitter and Facebook. Since he’s in Australia, he’s a day ahead of us, but it still counts. And don’t forget to check out his latest comic which came out this week, Injustice: Gods Among Us #11.

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Podcasts in Review

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Here’s this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks: Episode 11.19.2013 kicks off with some humorous additions for Star Wars Episode VII from the hosts. Remember, this is a show where they speak in character as if they’re real super heroes in their secret headquarters. It definitely adds a spin to the episodes, and sometimes some good laughs. Beyond Star Wars, they talk a little Batman and Superman, Peter Pan movies (believe it or not, there’s a bunch coming out), and Hunger Games.

Bombad Radio: Episodes 107 features an interview with voice actor Dave Fennoy who voice Pong Krell in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. While they don’t talk too much Star Wars in this interview, Dave does talk about his gig for The Walking Dead video game, plus some other projects. Be sure to stay tuned after the credits as Dave some cool promos.

Episode 108 features an interview with author Drew Karpyshyn. Seriously, when it comes to author interviews, Bombad Radio has some of the best out there. Their Drew Karpyshyn interview is no different. If you’re a fan of Drew’s books, be sure to check this one out. They cover all of Drew’s career from video games to books, as well as his upcoming novels and more.

Episode 110 features the one and only Sam Witwer. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, but it’s definitely on my playlists. Besides, it’s Sam Witwer, what more do you need to know? Witwer interviews are always a must listen.

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The Art of Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin

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Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin was a five issue mini-series from Dark Horse Comics featuring a brand new Star Wars writer (Tim Siedell) and several new Star Wars artists. For issues #1, #3 and #4, Stephen Thompson handled the penciled artwork, while Ivan Fernandez did the pencils for #3 and #5. Mark Irwin did the inks for #1 and #2, while sharing the ink work with Drew Geraci and Jason Gorder on issue #4. Denis Freitas picked up the inks for issues #3 and #5. For all five issues, Michael Atiyeh handled the colors with Ariel Olivetti doing all the cover art.

Whether you liked the story or not, the series featured some really nice artwork and the artist posted quite a bit of the material online. Below you’ll find a collected gallery of the preliminary artwork, the pencilled artwork, the inked artwork, the final colors and the cover art. Continue Reading The Art of Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin…

Comic Review: Legacy 2, #9

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legacy 2 #9The further adventures of Ania Solo continue today in Legacy 2 issue #9, and you can read our spoilerish review here

Comic Review: ‘Jinnrise #8’

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The genie action continues in Jinnrise #8. More genies, more aliens, and more fun. Click here to read our full review.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

Comic Review: ‘Rogues Rebellion #2’

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Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #2 is definitely turning out to be one of the better spin-off stories of the Forever Evil series. It’s got fun characters and fun artwork. Click here to check out our full review.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

Databurst From the 501st

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Latest Databurst From the 501st covering 501st Legion event news from November 27 through December 3rd. As always, be sure to mark your calendars and support your local garrisons.

November 28

  • 70th Explorers Garrison will be in St. Louis, MO for the Thanksgiving Day Parade from 8:00 AM to Noon.
  • Badlands Garrison will be in Edmonton, Canada for a Make-A-Wish event.
  • Midwest Garrison will be in Chicago, IL for the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • UK Garrison will be in Walton for the Walton Oak School Christmas Fair.

November 29

  • Central California Garrison will be in Downtown Hanford, CA for the Hanford Christmas Parade from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.
  • Czech Garrison will be in Kopřivnice for Koprcon from November 29 to December 1st.
  • Garrison Carida will be in Media, PA for Bringing in the Holiday Season/Dining Under the Stars at Earth and State from 6:00 to 9:00 PM.
  • German Garrison will be in Mannheim, Germany for the Physics and Technology of Star Wars Lecture by Dr. H. Zitt at the Planetarium Mannheim.
  • Midwest Garrison will be in Crystal Lake, IL for the Festival of Lights Parade.
  • Mountain Garrison will be in Loveland, CO for the Toys for Tots event with the Colorado Eagles at Budweiser Event Center from 5:30 to 10:00 PM.
  • Ohio Garrison will be in Dayton, OH for the Dayton’s Children’s Parade.
  • Redback Garrison will be in Brisbane for Moxxximatosis.

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LEGO “Attack of the Jedi” Airs Tonight

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Tonight on Cartoon Network the Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles comes to an end with the third episode in the trilogy “Attack of the Jedi”. The new episode airs at 8:00 PM ET/PT.

In “Attack of the Jedi,” Obi-Wan discovers that several major Sith Lords and their apprentices are gathered on the lava planet Mustafar. The Jedi must hurry to destroy the Sith, but it’s a trap — and the Republic fleet is destroyed. Yoda, Anakin, and Padawans travel to Endor to find Jek-14, the enhanced clone who can turn the tide of the battle. All hope now rests on Jek-14 to come to the rescue. Featuring classic LEGO Star Wars humor, “Attack of the Jedi” is an adventure filled with in-jokes and gags that will appeal to fans of all ages.

You can check out the preview clip here.

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New Release: ‘Legacy #9’

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Legacy #9 is out today from Dark Horse Comics.

Ania Solo is in over her head—literally! With their escape pod sunk in an ocean of poison, she and Imperial Knight Jao wait for rescue. But even if it comes, they still have to free the slaves in the orbiting docks—with an army of pirates standing in their way!

* The incredible future of the Star Wars galaxy!

Click here for a four page preview.

Writer: Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman
Artist: Brian Thies
Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Cover Artist: Agustin Alessio

Format: FC, 32 pages; Ongoing
Price: $2.99

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