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Here are this week’s podcasts in review.

Full of Sith: Episode XL has host Bryan Young and features guest Bobbie Roberts for the latest episode of rumor control. Bryan and Bobbie cover the news of Kasdan and Abrams taking over the script, other rumors on why Arndt is no longer attached to the project, and what that could mean. Pretty good discussion on the subject and the best I’ve seen so far. They also touch on the Droid Edit clips of rare Return of the Jedi footage which is on Facebook.

Galaxy of Toys: Episode 17 features special guest Jimmy Mac as they go back in time to review the classic Kenner Star Wars figures. In this episode they cover wave two (Greedo, Hammerhead, Red Snaggletooth, Walrus Man, X-Wing Pilot/Luke, R5-D4, Death Star Droid, Power Droid and Boba Fett) which includes childhood memories, what they think of the figures now, and overall, an insightful look at Star Wars collecting.

Kaijucast: Episode 94 includes an interview with Star Wars: The Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni who talks a little about the Godzilla influences on the show and a lot about his own Godzilla fandom. Neat episode to check as Dave shares some stuff I have not heard elsewhere including his cosplay as Mechagodzilla and some of his Godzilla artwork being published in a Godzilla fan magazine.

RebelForce Radio: Episode 10.25.2013 dives deep into the possibility that movie viewers of the original theatrical release of Star Wars may or may not have seen a different version of the movie. To help clear things up, they bring in Steve Sansweet. Afterwards, Jason and Jimmy talk about the enhanced eBooks of J.W. Rinzler’s Making of series, Star Wars: Detours, and the Darth Vader TV specials. Great episode as always.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 408 includes a review of the Black Series 6″ Leia and Greedo figures and from the sound of it, the Leia figure is disappointing. They rundown other toy news, Star Wars Christmas decorations at Home Depot, and the extra features on J.W. Rinzler’s Making of eBooks. Steve the Ginger Prince has coverage of the London Winter Film and Comic Con. All in all, nice episode for catching up on toy news and a good episode for those thinking about picking up those enhanced eBooks as they talk about which devices they’re compatible with.

Star Wars Influences: Episode 1 kicks off with hosts Jimmy Mac (from RebelForce Radio) and Paul Bateman (Star Wars artist) as they talk about the influences of Akira Kurosawa on George Lucas. The cover some of Kurosawa’s films, how they may or may not have played a part in shaping Star Wars, and even the common influences between George and Kurosawa. They also cover some of the possible Dune influences on Star Wars, and Paul weighs in with a nice review of the Star Wars Art: Concept book.

Star Wars Report: Episode 110 Covers the Droid Edit laserdisc and the online clips, the crew reveal for Star Wars Episode VII and the change in screenwriters. Another short episode this week and no Bethany (just Mark and Riley). I recommend checking out the Droid Edit clips if you haven’t done so already, you can find them here.

Non-Star Wars

Know What I’m Saying: Episode 4 continues the fun as Steve and Karl announce their run for president in 2016, talk a little more cereal, and lots of other random subjects. Entertaining as always.

Episode 5 covers Karl’s thoughts about becoming a Jesuit priest (and just what a Jesuit priest is) plus more cereal talk and other fun topics. This is turning out to be quite the fun podcast and worth checking out.

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