The Inquisitorius

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The big news out of the Star Wars Rebels New York Comic Con 2013 panel was the reveal of the bad guy for the show: the Inquisitor. But what is an Inquisitor? If you’ve watched the films and even Star Wars: The Clone Wars, such beings are never mentioned. Up until this point, Inquisitors have only showed up in the Star Wars Expanded Universe such as the books and the video games. So just who are these Inquisitors?

Well, their origins go back about 26 years. The first Inquisitor appears to have been invented for The Star Wars Sourcebook published back in 1987 for West End Games. Written by┬áBill Slavicsek and Curtis Smith, The Star Wars Sourcebook was a reference guide for players of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game (think Dungeons & Dragons). This book is renown for quite a few EU inventions, including the names of some of the most recognizable alien species of the films. If you turned to page 55, however, you’d find an odd throwaway line that mentions a Grand Inquisitor. Continue Reading The Inquisitorius…

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