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Here’s this weeks Star Wars podcasts in review.

Bombad Radio: Episode 100 has Nathalie Cox, the voice actress for Juno Eclipse in The Force Unleashed games. It’s a really nice interview and worth checking out. Nathalie talks about how she got the job and what it was like working with the other voice actors, plus how The Force Unleashed differed from The Force Unleashed II.

Coffee with Kenobi: Rebels Reactions Show #1 features Dan, Cory and Tricia Barr doing a quick discussion of the Star Wars Rebels 15 second teaser and on initial reactions.

Rebels Reactions Show #2 kicks off with Tricia Barr who goes over in detail, point-by-point, the Star Wars Rebels panel from NYCC. It’s a really nice, comprehensive overview of the panel and worth a listen. Afterwards, Dan and Cory provide their opinions on the news.

ForceCast: Episode 275 includes an interview with Star Wars author Daniel Wallace. Skip to the 35 minute mark for the interview. They cover all of Dan’s previous books, the hold status on the Essential Characters book, his work on The Bounty Hunter Code, and they touched on his non-Star Wars projects.

RebelForce Radio: Episode 10.18.2013 has the one and only Dave Filoni on to discuss Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. While Dave can’t really reveal too much at this point, it was still cool to get his side of things and an update on how things are going. Worth noting that Dave talked about how CGCG is handling the animation for Star Wars Rebels and not the Singapore division which is handling something else (Darth Vader TV specials maybe?).

Star Wars Action News: Episode 407 has coverage of NYCC with a focus on the collectible news plus a segment on the vintage Ewoks figures. Unfortunately they did not cover The Making of Return of the Jedi panel and didn’t have much on the Star Wars Rebels panel.

Star Wars Beyond the Films: Episode 92 continues their coverage of the new Legacy comic series. I’ll be honest, I’m not really sure who I’d recommend this one to. Nathan and Mark like the overall story of the series, but they really hate on the artwork non-stop. There’s a lot of negativity, so depending on what you like to listen to, you might want to skip this one.

Episode 93 covers the Star Wars comic Dark Times: Parallels. Like their discussion of Legacy, there’s a lot of negativity in this episode. Nathan doesn’t like K’Kruhk and has issues with the story. On the flip side, Mark is a big K’Kruhk fan, so he enjoyed this one a lot more than Nathan. Personally, I’m getting really dragged down by all of the negativity lately and as a result, burnt out on Beyond the Films.

Star Wars Report: Episode 109 covers the Star Wars Rebels news from NYCC. They talk with Aaron Goins who was at the panel. It’s kind of a short episode, just 35 minutes, so they don’t really get too in depth. I also realized in this episode how much I don’t like Steve’s Star Wars Minute. One minute of Steve Glosson just isn’t enough.

Temple Archives (aka Star Wars Book Report): Episode 77 has a nice interview with Star Wars author Jason Fry who talks about the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode Guide, The Essential Guide to Warfare, Star Wars: The Essential Atlas and even Jason’s upcoming non-Star Wars book The Jupiter Pirates: Hunt for the Hydra. Aside from the interview, Wayne takes some time to lament the end of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and his resistance to give in to Star Wars Rebels. Meanwhile, Jesse gives one of the best ideas for how to wrap up Ahsoka’s story (I wholeheartedly agree with using Rotta the Hutt), and brings up that painting of Ahsoka fighting Vader that was commissioned by George Lucas. Could we see that in Star Wars Rebels?

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