Preview of ‘Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual’

October 11, 2013 at 9:49 am | Posted in Art, Books, Star Wars, Star Wars Books | 1 Comment
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Random House has a cool preview of the upcoming Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual which will be out November 5th. The preview has some unexpected surprises: The Eye of Palpatine, The Tarkin, Torpedo Spheres, and more! Yes, not only will readers get to check out the more infamous super weapon of the Star Wars franchise, but they’ll get looks at all the other awesome super weapons of the Expanded Universe.

The 22 page preview is sure to get fans excited. Just head on over to Random House’s product page and click on the “Look Inside” feature. Written by Ryder Windham, the Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual includes some pretty cool illustrations by Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff.

Eye of Palpatine

The Tarkin

Torpedo Sphere

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  1. If it’s anything like their Millennium Falcon manual, it should be brilliant!

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