Comic Review: ‘Ewoks: Shadows of Endor’

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What happens when Ewoks get involved with Duloks, Stormtroopers, Nightsisters and mythical monsters? You get Ewoks: Shadows of Endor, a fun and colorful take on the Ewoks that fans of all ages can enjoy. Click here to read our full review.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

Preview of ‘Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual’

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Random House has a cool preview of the upcoming Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual which will be out November 5th. The preview has some unexpected surprises: The Eye of Palpatine, The Tarkin, Torpedo Spheres, and more! Yes, not only will readers get to check out the more infamous super weapon of the Star Wars franchise, but they’ll get looks at all the other awesome super weapons of the Expanded Universe.

The 22 page preview is sure to get fans excited. Just head on over to Random House’s product page and click on the “Look Inside” feature. Written by Ryder Windham, the Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual includes some pretty cool illustrations by Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff. Continue Reading Preview of ‘Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual’…

‘Serenity: Leaves on the Wind’ Announced

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Dark Horse Comics announced at New York Comic Con that Zack Whedon will be writing a new six issue mini-series Serenity: Leaves on the Wind. Georges Jeanty will be handling the artwork and the first issue will hit January 29, 2014. They also teased that the series has the potential to be on-going.

The comic will pick-up 39 weeks after the movie Serenity and will follow where the characters are now.

Zack Whedon: “The challenge is to create something that feels of a piece with the existing franchise… but the Serenity/Firefly world is where I feel most confident…beyond that, the challenge is to make something good, something that feels like it is building on what is already there rather than just mimicking it…plow forward into the future of these characters and tell new stories which has been a lot of fun…I know fans have been starving for story, so I don’t hold back in that regard.”

Nerdist has more on Zack’s comments on the new series that you can check out here. Zack mentioned that he will only be doing the six issue run and that it will be up to another writer to tackle the possibility of an on-going series. He also mentioned that there won’t be any hijinks, Walsh, Blue Sun Corporation or terminal illness for Inara.

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Aliens, Predators and Prometheus Join Together

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Out of New York Comic Con comes an announcement from Dark Horse Comics that the Aliens, Predators and Alien Vs. Predator comics will be getting a reboot to align the series with a brand new Prometheus series. The reboot will bring them all together into a one universe setting. The writers for the new series will include Chris Roberson (Aliens), Paul Tobin (Prometheus), Joshua Williamson (Alien Vs. Predator) and Chris Sebela (Predators). Over io9 they have a nice set of interviews with the writers covering the new series.

In the interviews, Roberson said that all of the films would be treated as canon, while the comics would feature all new casts with maybe some references to existing characters. For the Aliens series, Roberson is pushing toward the horror vibe of the first movie and staying away from the militaristic themes of the other films. Continue Reading Aliens, Predators and Prometheus Join Together…

New Star Wars Mini-series from Dark Horse

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At the “Rewriting the Classics: Modern Scifi in Comics” panel at New York Comic Con, Dark Horse Comics revealed a couple new Star Wars covers and a brand new Star Wars mini-series. Thanks to Star Wars Bookworms, we know that the new mini-series will be written by Matt Kindt, will be four issues, and will be set in the Original Trilogy era. According to Bleeding Cool, the new series will launch next Spring.

Matt Kindt is best known for the MIND MGMT series he writes for Dark Horse Comics. You can find out more about Matt on his official website or hit him up on Twitter. You can also check out the new Star Wars covers that were revealed here and here via Star Wars Bookworms.

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