‘William Shakespeare’s Star Wars’ Gets Sequels

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A couple weeks ago LucasBooks senior editor Jen Heddle revealed the title for the sequel to William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily A New Hope by Ian Doescher, but now Quirk Books has revealed the title for the third book in the series as well.

Via Geekosystem, we now know the titles and release dates for the next two books: The Empire Striketh Back (March 24, 2014), and The Jedi Doth Return (July 1, 2014). You can check out the books’ product pages here for more info: The Empire Striketh Back and The Jedi Doth Return. Both books will be written once again by Ian Doescher.

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Yuuzhan Vong in Lockdown

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Star Wars Bookworms tweeted that the alien that appears in the excerpt for Maul: Lockdown by Joe Schreiber is a Yuuzahn Vong. The further teased that they got some audio of Schreiber reading from Maul: Lockdown and answering questions from the book.

Furthering their coverage of the Star Wars Reads Day event at Barnes & Noble in Lancaster, PA, Star Wars Bookworms also tweeted the following.

Joe Schreiber says MAUL LOCKDOWN was originally supposed to be set during the Clone Wars TV show…

…Then they wanted to change it to a Boba Fett novel tying in with 1313. Ultimately decided to go with a pre TPM novel starring Maul.

Be sure to check out Star Wars Bookworms on Twitter for more of their awesome tweets from Star Wars Reads Day including a picture of Schreiber at the event, the 501st Legion in action, and some cool Star Wars books posters from Del Rey.

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Goodreads Star Wars Discussion

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As part of Star Wars Reads Day, Goodreads hosted a Star Wars discussion online with the participation of several Star Wars authors. You can check out the full discussion here, or scan below for our edited transcript.

Hi everyone, Hans Jenssen here. Richard Chasemore and I will be dipping into this conversation today and if anyone has any questions about illustrating Star Wars Incredible Cross-Sections we’re happy to answer. Ryder is your man if you want to know about the writing, although we worked very closely together for the project. He’s really good to work with and mighty knowledgeable about Star Wars! Basic facts about the Cross-Sections illustrations: Most of the vehicles took between 200-300 hours to complete. Some of the locations artworks took over 600 hours. We work at home and use traditional media for these, paper, pen, ink and paint. Want to know more? Just ask!

How long did the cover art take?

Hans Jenssen: I never kept an exact track of most of the artworks, but my best guess for the AT-AT would be about 250 hours. This would have included a separate small cutaway of the “head” which I think is in the book although I haven’t actually seen a real copy yet. Continue Reading Goodreads Star Wars Discussion…

And the ‘Jedi Academy’ Winner is…

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The winner of a signed copy of Jeffrey Brown’s Jedi Academy is…


…who voted for Luke Skywalker of course. Congratulations! We want to thank everyone who entered. Be sure to keep an eye out for more giveaways.

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Ewoks of the Day: Lumat and Latara

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Here at Roqoo Depot, we are counting down the days to the release of Ewoks: Shadows of Endor. Written and drawn by Zack Giallongo with colors by Braden Lamb, this trade paperback comic leads directly in the events of Return of the Jedi and ties into the Ewoks television movies and series. To help get readers in the mood, we’ll be doing an Ewok of the day each day until the comic’s release. Today we’re highlighting Lumat and Latara.

Lumat is a family man. Along with his wife Zephee, they have three children: Latara, Nippet and Wiley. As a part of Bright Tree Village, Lumat is the chief woodcutter. Along with many other Ewoks, he fought against the Empire in the Battle of Endor.

He appeared in Return of the Jedi, one episode of the Ewoks television series, and several children’s books: How the Ewoks Saved the Trees: An Old Ewok Legend, Wicket Finds a Way: An Ewok Adventure, and The Shadow Stone: An Ewok Adventure. Collectors might also recognize him from his action figure, be it the old vintage Kenner figure or the newer one by Hasbro, though neither version had black stripes.

Latara is Lumat’s daughter and sister to Wiley and Nippet (the baby wokling seen in Return of the Jedi). Being best friends with Princess Kneesaa and Wicket, the trio have gone on many adventures together. In her free time, she likes to play the flute, and has been known to have a big crush on Teebo.

Her first appearance was in Wicket Finds a Way: An Ewok Adventure (1984). She also appeared in the second issue of the Ewoks comics, and was a recurring character in the Ewoks television show (she was voiced by Taborah Johnson in season one, and Sue Murphy in season two).
Ewoks: Shadows of Endor will be out on October 9, 2013.

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