Book Giveaway: Signed Copy of ‘Jedi Academy’ by Jeffrey Brown

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Last month, Star Wars author and illustrator Jeffrey Brown did a book signing at Star Clipper in St. Louis, MO. Not one to miss out on an opportunity, I showed up with a pile of books and Jeffrey was nice enough to sign them. What I didn’t know was that Jeffrey includes a little doodle with his signatures.

This is Jeffrey Brown signing the book you could win!

So for Star Wars Reads Day, we’re giving away a signed copy of Jeffrey Brown’s latest book, Jedi Academy. It’s a little different from Darth Vader and Son and Vader’s Little Princess, but still fun and full of illustrations. This signed copy comes with a doodle of the main character Roan.

To enter, just leave a comment letting us know who your favorite Jedi is. The competition is open to all US residents and we’ll ship the book free of charge. The winner will be announced tomorrow evening, so enter while you can.

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  1. The one and only Obi-Wan Kenobi is my favorite!

  2. Oh gosh! My favorite Jedi, after much decision, is Luke.

  3. Woo, that’s rather hard to say really. Jacen possibly as he was the most intriguing, but Bazel Warv despite being nothing close to a major character and not even making it past Knight status in the New Jedi Order had probably one of the most heroic deaths in all of the SWEU so I always think of him whenever someone asks who my favorite Jedi is.

  4. Jaina Solo, She is the future of the EU, sword of the Jedi and Granddaughter of Darth Vader.

  5. Anikan Solo, died to soon!

  6. Obi-Wan Kenobi for sure!

  7. Qui-Gon Jinn.

  8. Definitely Jaina Solo, the Sword of the Jedi (I really hope they release that series).

  9. I’d have to go with Yoda. He showed us that size matters not. As long as we had determination and spirit, we could handle anything placed in front of us.

  10. Tough choice, but I think I’ll go with Grand Master Satele Shan. Gotta admire a strong, powerful, wise human female!

  11. No doubt that it is Obi-Wan. There are a lot of great ones, but he is the greatest. Good luck to everyone! Love Jeffrey Brown!

  12. Yoda is my fave.

  13. Luke Skywalker! No one else even comes close in my mind.

  14. My perfect number 1 Jedi is Jedi Grand Master Yoda. He is the top number 1 on the hot list. He’s the perfect Jedi Master. I’m really aware of what he says to all Jedi. And what he says is true and gives all warnings.

  15. Leia!

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