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Author Paul S. Kemp has a new Forgotten Realms book coming out next week. The Godborn is the second book in The Sundering series and stars his beloved characters from the Erevis Cale series. Over on io9, they have a cool interview with Paul discussing his new book.

Let’s start by talking about Erevis Cale, who spends a lot of time off-stage in The Godborn, but it still very central to the story. How was that character created, and how has he evolved over the years? And who would play him in the Hollywood blockbuster?

Paul S. Kemp: Well, when a boy with an affinity for shadows loves a girl with an affinity for shadows very much, then….

Oh, you mean something else. Uh, okay.

Cale actually came out of a closed call put out by WotC in 1999-2000, for what would later become the “Sembia Series.” Now, the Sembia Series was a very cool idea from Wizards. Essentially seven authors were each going to write first a novella and then a novel featuring one of the characters in the household of a wealthy Sembian merchant family. Intrigue! Secrets! Swordplay!

Click here to read the full interview. Paul will also be on Dungeon Crawlers Radio tonight, so be sure to give it a listen (6:00 PM MT). If you haven’t ordered The Godborn yet, you can head on over to Amazon or any of your favorite retailers. It will be out in hardcover, digital and audiobook formats on October 1st. If you haven’t read the first book in The Sundering series, don’t worry, this is truly a standalone book as far as that series is concerned. However, if you haven’t read any of the Erevis Cale books, especially the Trilight War Trilogy, then you will miss out on some of the greater context. That said, there’s a lot of good stuff in the book, so if you want to dive in, you certainly can.

We’ll have our interview with Paul S. Kemp and our full review next week, so be sure to check back in on Tuesday.

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  1. I read THE GODBORN a few months ago (received an ARC from WotC) and I must say it is the best book I have read in 2013.

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