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To commemorate the release of Martha Wells’ new Star Wars novel Empire and Rebellion: Razor’s Edge, we’re giving away a free hardcover copy. To enter, just leave a comment on this post letting us know what your favorite Leia moment is. A winner will be chosen randomly and announced here on the blog Wednesday night.

For extra chances to win, you can also post on our Facebook page and on Twitter. Note you must reside in the United States to qualify.

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  1. Best Leia moment – has to be in the freezing chamber on Could City when she first tells Han she loves him. “I Know”.


  2. My favorite Leia moment would have to be her work to liberate the Noghri from the Vader and the Empire during the Thrawn Crisis, in part by invoking her link to Vader (lol).
    This was one of the coolest subplots to me in the Thrawn trilogy as it introduced a new and interesting race and wove in some intriguing back-story with other characters and really helped develop further Vader, Leia, Han and other integral characters to the SWEU.

  3. That is a very hard question. One moment out of so many! But I have to say it was the whole sequence in Jedi where she leaps onto the speeder bike to chase down the scout, and then runs into the ewoks. In the middle of a critical mission, she makes allies that help make the difference. And some would not have considered them worthy of the time. It shows her diplomatic skills as well as her battle action!

  4. Let’s be honest: gold bikini.

  5. Really hard to choose. I guess I also have to pick the speeder bike chase and then making friends with the Ewok, Wicket.

  6. In the films?
    When she takes over the rescue from the Death Star.
    In the books?
    The Noghri subplot, as tallpaul02 said.

  7. I am loving all this books being written with the original characters. It fun to see them again during this time of the EU. Thank you Miss Wells!!!

  8. My favorite is the moment near the end of ESB when she hears Luke calling to her through the Force. The look on her face is gorgeous. And then she has the courage to insist they go back and get him even though they had barely escaped.

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