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Here is this week’s Around the Web gathering together the Star Wars related news you might have missed elsewhere.


  • FANgirl Blog has been posting a bunch of awesome, original artwork featuring the characters of Empire and Rebellion: Razor’s Edge. You can check out Caline Metara (the Alderaanian pirate captain), Sian Tesar (Rebel pilot), Kifar Itran (Rebel trooper), and of course Leia.
  • Depending on how deep your pockets are, you can get this one of kind Star Wars Topps card colored by Star Wars artist Jerry Vanderstelt.
  • Star Wars artist Chris Trevas shared some cool stuff on Facebook. First off, he teased a new project he’s working on (Transformers?) and some upcoming Star Wars projects.

Chris Trevas: “Starting work on a non-Star Wars project today. What?! I think it’s been around three years since I worked on something outside that galaxy. I’m having fun painting robots from another franchise…Don’t worry. I already have another Star Wars book that will be starting fairly soon plus a few other SW projects.”

He also posted a hilarious Transformers comic cover.


  • Star Wars Union has an interview with Star Wars: Scourge author Jeff Grubb. It’s actually a really nice interview and well worth checking out. Jeff even talks about some of his pitches that weren’t used include a Jaxxon novel, a Dexter Jettster novel and more details on his Jar Jar Binks novel pitch.
  • If you’re looking to meet author Timothy Zahn, you can check out his schedule on Facebook.
  • You can also catch author Kevin J. Anderson on the Stolendroids podcast, or read his new short story “Dark Angel, Archangel” online for free.


  • Comic Book Resources has a six page preview of Star Wars #10.
  • The Comixology Unbound podcast episode 165 has comic writer and artist Gabriel Hardman.



  • TheForce.Net has a nice catch on a Q&A Seth Green did where he talks about Star Wars: Detours.
  • Pete over on Lightsaber Rattling has an early review of Empire and Rebellion: Razor’s Edge.
  • Amy Ratcliffe on Geek with Curves also has a spoiler free review of Razor’s Edge.
  • m deicke has a pretty funny video of Darth Vader being voiced over by his younger self. It gets pretty good near the end. Who knew Van Halen would sound so good for the trench run.


  • Angry Birds Star Wars II is out. has a nice little press release.
  • Fantasy Flight Games has a preview up of the Balance of the Force expansion for the Star Wars: The Card Game.
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