BBC Atlantis Trailer

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I’m a sucker for a good mythology retelling, so I’m keeping an eye on BBC’s Atlantis.  The series, filmed in Wales and Morocco, will be available to the U.S. on BBC America, Supernatural Saturday, starting sometime this fall, 2013.  BBC has put out a trailer, and while the entire Greek mythology certainly has huge potential,  it’s really hard to tell if this is going to be a winner or a not-so-great retooling.

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Thor: The Dark World Loki Poster

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Loki poster

Yes, it does say Thor The Dark Kingdom.  That’s the German title for the movie.

Source: Total Film
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‘Razor’s Edge’ Micro-Excerpt #2

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Star Wars Books has posted micro-excerpt #2 for Razor’s Edge.

Terae said, “If Alderaan had kept to its principles of peace and neutrality, the Empire would not have attacked.”

And if the Empire had not been corrupt, venal, and determined to destroy any hint of resistance, the Empire would not have presented a threat to Alderaan’s peace in the first place, Leia thought. This was not an argument she wanted to have again, but she seemed perpetually doomed to repeat it. Her punishment for surviving, perhaps.

“Alderaan was too powerful, too influential. Sooner or later, the Empire would have found a reason to attack us, no matter how peaceful and neutral we claimed to be.”

Click here to read excerpt #1.

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Book Review: ‘Abaddon’s Gate’ by James S.A. Corey

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Abaddon’s Gate takes the characters of The Expanse series and sets them up for an adventure that feels both incredibly complete and a tiny stepping stone toward something unfathomably huge in scale. Trouble on the Rocinante leads Holden and his crew to the mysterious Ring. The dreaded protomolecule has pulled up stakes on Venus and placed itself in orbit around Uranus as a ring shaped structure that could be a portal to another realm. But Holden and his crew are not alone. Click here to read our full review.

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Martha Wells Interview via TheForce.Net

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TheForce.Net has a nice interview with Star Wars author Martha Wells covering her soon to be released Leia novel Empire and Rebellion: Razor’s Edge.

After you wrote this book, with all of Leia and Han’s internal monologues reflecting on their strange relationship, did it make you look at the movies in a new light?

Martha Wells: Not really. The way I wrote their relationship was how I always saw it. When the trilogy was first coming out, I saw them as having a connection that started with the shared danger of the escape from the Death Star, and that managed to grow into a friendship despite the fact that they had conflicts. (I think everybody has that friend who you really love, and whose opinion you respect and value, but who still irritates the crap out of you sometimes and you know the feeling is often mutual.)

Click here to read the full interview.

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New Release: ‘Transformers Classified: Satellite of Doom’

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Transformers Classified: Satellite of Doom by Ryder Windham and Jason Fry hits stores today in paperback and digital formats.

An original Transformers novel series! When he stumbles upon two giant robots battling in the dust of the Nevada desert, Kevin Bowman gets swept up into the adventure of a lifetime. Along with his new friends, the Autobots, the twelve year-old looks for answers regarding his older brother’s disappearance and uncovers a secret program that sends satellites to track incoming Transformers. Can Kevin save his family and the planet?

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