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Here’s this week’s Around the Web news roundup of Star Wars news and more.


  • Kicking things off, author John Jackson Miller revealed on Twitter that Kenobi is set to debut at #12 on the New York Times Best Sellers hardcover list.
  • Meanwhile William Shakespeare’s Star Wars is hanging in there for it’s seventh week, now at #18 on the New York Times Best Sellers list.
  • Star Wars Books, Del Rey’s Star Wars Facebook outlet, posted some proposed artwork for Timothy Zahn’s Scoundrels. The artwork shows two different versions of Eanjer Kunarazti. Fair warning, if you haven’t read Scoundrels yet, you’ll want to stay away from this post as it goes into spoiler territory.
  • On the Empire and Rebellion front, Honor Among Thieves is finished.

JamesSACorey: OMG STAR WARS IS DONE. Sent copy edits off to Del Rey. It’s such a relief to finish a project. Thanks @jenheddle for letting us play.

  • Jennifer Heddle also posted a little snippet from Honor Among Thieves.

jenheddle: “Chewie, I hope you’re not sleeping, because we’re all going to die.” — Honor Among Thieves @JamesSACorey

  • Paul S. Kemp posted his final pre-release excerpt for The  Godborn which will hit bookshelves on October 1st. If you’re looking for a laugh, Paul posted a pretty funny piece on trying to make The Godborn hit the New York Times Best Sellers List. Having already read an advanced copy of the book, I can tell you this: it’s good. If you haven’t pre-ordered it already, but sure to do so.
  • SF Signal has a cover reveal for the fourth book in James S.A. Corey‘s The Expanse series which is entitled Cibola Burn. They also have the cover for Daniel Abraham‘s The Widow’s House, the fourth book in the Dagger and the Coin series.
  • Tim Lebbon has a new novella up for pre-order called Still Life.
  • Lastly in book news, Timothy Zahn provided an update on the Honorverse.

In other news, David Weber and I have officially turned in our first Honorverse collaboration, A Travesty of Hope, to Baen Books. I’ll let you know the publication date once it’s been added to their schedule.


  • In comic news, Star Wars colorist Gabe Eltaeb teased that there will be a big shocker in Star Wars #11.

The reveal on page 20 of Star Wars issue 11 is mind blowing. Fans will love this.

  • Haden Blackman announced that Batwoman will be coming to an end with issue #26 due to creative differences between the team and DC Comics.
  • Dave Dorman is looking to raise some funds and he’s offering fans a chance to purchase the original painting of several of his more recent Star Wars comic covers. They are $2,000 each so serious buyers only, but they are one of a kind.
  • J.W. Rinzler and Mike Mayhew talk with CNN about The Star Wars.


  • Baltimore Comic-Con runs this weekend from September 7-8 and will feature Star Wars comic guests such as Brian WoodStephane Roux and Adam Hughes. Brian has his con schedule up here.
  • The Pekin Marigold Festival is happening right now in Pekin, Illinois with special Star Wars guests Daniel Logan and Tom Kane.
  • Salt Lake Comic Con will be running all weekend with Star Wars guests Peter Mayhew, Ray Park, David Prowse and author Kevin J. Anderson.
  • If you’re in Scotland, you can check out Warwick Davis at MCM Comic Con.


  • Trekkies will want to check out the kickstarter for Star Trek: Renegades which includes some big and familiar names. There are eight days left to support the project.
  • For Star Wars fans, there’s A New Hope in one minute thanks to 1A4 Studio.
  • Pete over on Lightsaber Rattling announced he’ll be doing a new podcast covering Star Wars Rebels. The podcast will be co-hosted with Andy from R2 in 22. They’re calling it Rebels Report.

Movie News

  • Transformers 4 is set for June 2014 and it has been confirmed that it will include the Dinobots.
  • In other news, there’s a new trailer out for Gravity which looks even more awesome than the first. Gravity will be out on October 4th.
  • James S.A. Corey‘s sci-fi series The Expanse is being scripted for a tv pilot. Hopefully this one sees the light of day. It would be a pretty awesome series to see come to life.
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