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Coffee with Kenobi: Their Book Chat with John Jackson Miller is a great interview with the author of Kenobi as John talks about his background in writing, how he got into writing comics for Dark Horse, and what went into Kenobi. They also cover John’s recent sci-fi book Overdraft: The Orion Offensive. Really nice interview and a must listen for Kenobi and John Jackson Miller fans.

ForceCast: Episode 268 includes a very nice interview with Mary Franklin. While she doesn’t reveal anything about Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, she does talk about what it’s like working on the Celebrations, organizing them, and her favorite moments. Beyond that, hosts Eric and Erik dive deeply into the rumor that the Star Wars: The Clone Wars bonus content will be an Apple TV exclusive. Definitely worth checking out the Mary Franklin interview.

Full of Sith: Episode XXXV features hosts Bryan, Consetta and Mike. Bryan leads the discussion about cinematographer Gilbert Taylor who worked on A New Hope, and the recent news about the cinematography for Star Wars Episode VII. I personally didn’t know much about Gilbert Taylor, so this episode was a nice way to get to know a little about him and some of the cinematography work that went into the original film.

Adam Savage Special Release Episode has an awesome interview between Bryan and Adam Savage from Mythbusters. Adam talks about Dragoncon, Star Wars and fandom. It’s a pretty cool interview and a nice look look behind the curtain for Mythbusters fans.

Episode XXXVI has Bobby Roberts on the show for rumor control as they discuss all the latest Star Wars Episode VII rumors. From Cumberbatch to December releases, they’ve got it covered.

Geek Out of Loud: Episode 76 features guest Michael Cohen as he and Steve Glosson cover a lot of topics. They kick things off with a nice Star Wars discussion before diving into John Carter, Tron, and even The Last Starfighter. I really liked the conspiracy theory that Disney tanked John Carter in order to dodge a high tax bracket that would have killed their profits on Avengers. It’s a long episode, but there’s some great discussion.

Jedi Journals: The September 2013 episode is out and includes an interview with Kenobi author John Jackson Miller. They also have a full rundown on all the comic and books news. If you’re a fan of the Star Wars comic and books, you won’t want to miss this one.

RebelForce Radio: Episode 8.30.2013 … talks a little about Kenobi and some cool Krayt dragon call keychains they are giving away. They also cover the rumor about Star Wars: The Clone Wars being an Apple TV exclusive, and other recent headlines. All in all, another good episode worth checking out.

Star Wars Beyond the Films: Episode 86 gives an overview of Knights of the Old Republic: Flashpoint. Mark and Nathan go into depth as they discuss each issue of the arc with lots of commentary. If you haven’t read the KOTOR comics, I highly recommend reading them before listening to these recaps. For those who have already read them, it’s a nice way to go back down memory lane and hear some different opinions on the series.

Episode 87 covers Kenobi by John Jackson Miller. As usual, the episode starts out with some spoiler free discussion before diving into spoiler heavy territory. They have plenty of warnings, so if you’re avoiding spoilers, you’ll be okay. As for the discussion, Nathan talks about the numerous continuity mentions in the book, Mark and Nathan both comment on their enjoyment of the side characters, and overall, they both liked the book.

Star Wars Minute: Minute 69 is out today and the show is still going strong with their discussion of A New Hope minute-by-minute with different guest hosts every three episodes. They keep a nice balance of genuine discussion and fun humor as they poke around in the background details of scenes and probe every line of dialog. If you haven’t given them a listen, they’re worth trying out.

Star Wars Report: Episode 101 is suppose to be coverage of day 1 of Dragoncon, but hosts Bethany and Riley really don’t talk much at all about what happened at Dragoncon on day 1. It’s a short episode and, due to the lack of discussion content, this would be a safe one to skip.

Episode #102 has coverage of Dragoncon days 2-3, however I haven’t had a chance to listen to this one yet.

Temple Archives (aka Star Wars Book Report): Episode 74 has an interview with William Shakespeare’s Star Wars author Ian Doescher, then discussion with Matthew Rushing as they finish up their thoughts on Star Trek: Into Darkness.

With the recent farewell post from beloved Star Wars author A.C. Crispin, Temple Archives is asking for listener feedback for a very special tribute episode. To help contribute, you can call 706-986-1138 and leave a message sharing what Ann and her books mean to you. You can find all the details here.

Tosche Station: Podcasting/Blogging/Fanfiction Star Wars Panel at Dragoncon includes panelists Brian Young, Anne Davenport, Brian Larsen, Nanci Schwartz, Riley Blanton, Bethany Blanton, Amy Ratcliffe, Aaron Goins. They cover a variety of topics such as suggested equipment for podcasting, resources for fanfiction, their opinions on the fate of the EU and a whole lot more.

Intro to the Expanded Universe Panel at Dragoncon includes panelists Nanci Schwartz, Brian Larsen, Aaron Goins, Brian Nowicke, Tom Hutchens, James Clark, and Daniel Eisenhower. They briefly touch upon various books, comics and video games that are good starting points for different eras in Star Wars. From the Dawn of the Jedi comics, the Knights of the Old Republic video game, and Revenge of the Sith novelization,  to The Thrawn Trilogy, X-Wing series, and The Dark Empire comics. Brian presents the NJO series and Legacy of the Force: Betrayal as some of the weaker entry points in the EU. Nanci also presents the Jedi Academy Trilogy as one of the weaker points of entry. If you’re looking on ideas of where to start in the EU, this one might be worth a listen.

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