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Club Jade has a nice interview with Michael Price, the writer for The Yoda Chronicles.

The first episode of LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles: “The Phantom Clone” introduced us to the Sith clone, JEK-14. What’s he up to in “Menace of the Sith”?

Michael Price: He’s searching for his identity. This episode picks up fairly soon after the ending of “The Phantom Clone”. If you recall, Sidious and Dooku’s plan was to create a huge army of Sith Clones, but, thanks to Yoda, Mace and the Padawans, JEK-14 was the sole surviving member of that “army.” As we begin “Menace Of The Sith”, Dooku and Sidious are trying to move ahead with their plot to create hundreds of powerful Sith Clones like JEK, but since their Clone Factory on Kamino has been destroyed they’re kind of improvising on the go. They’ve come up with a “Plan B”, of which JEK-14 is the centerpiece, but JEK isn’t so sure he wants to go along with it. At the start of the show, JEK is very much the unthinking tool of Dooku and Sidious we saw in “The Phantom Clone” — ready to do whatever his Masters tell him. But soon he starts to question his purpose in life and whether or not he wants to do the bidding of these two embodiments of evil. After all, he’s also part Jedi, having been created with the use of the Kaiburr Crystal. So he’s torn about just what to do… and that plays out in the episode.

Click here to read the full interview.


LEGO Star Wars – The Yoda Chronicles Episode II: Menace of the Sith will air Wednesday September 4th at 8 PM ET/PT on Cartoon Network.

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