The Star Wars Primer

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Dark Horse Comics will be launching a new comic series next week titled simply The Star Wars. Scripted by J.W. Rinzler from the initial movie draft written by George Lucas, the eight issue mini-series will feature art by Mike Mayhew and an assortment of variant covers. But the biggest aspect will the shock factor. This is not a series with the characters and landscapes we are so familiar with. The is a series where everything is re-imagined through a different lense, a giant ‘what if’ that will have familiar names and ideas taken in completely different directions. In order to get readers primed for the shock, we’ve gather a nice little roundup of pre-release info and images.

Kane Starkiller

One of the last Jedi-Bendu, hiding out on the moon of Utapau with his two sons from the Knights of the Sith.

General Luke Skywalker

A legendary Jedi General and Commander of the Aquilaean Starforce. Along with Kane, he is one of the last of the Jedi.

Annikin Starkiller

Kane’s eldest son (around 18) and a Jedi-Bendu in training, but also a veteran of the Kessilian civil wars.

Deak Starkiller

Kane’s youngest son who is also studying to be a Jedi-Bendu.

Princess Leia

Daughter of King Kayos and Queen Breha, sister to Biggs and Windy. She is about 14 or 15.

Darth Vader

An Imperial General and decorated soldier who serves Governor Hoedaack.

The Sith

Vehicles, Starships and Space Stations

The Star Destroyers of The Star Wars are not massive capital ships, but small, two-man fighters.

Cover Gallery

The Star Wars #1

Alternate Covers

The Star Wars #2

Alternate Cover

The Star Wars #3

Interior Art Preview

The Starkillers live on the fourth moon of the green world of Utapau.

In The Star Wars, Alderaan is the galactic seat of government. It’s also a gas planet, like Bespin.

Artwo-Detwo (who can speak without beeps and squeaks) and See-Threepio are old, battered construction droids in this version of the story.

The Star Wars #1 will hit stores and digital readers on September 4th. You can see a seven page preview of The Star Wars #1 right here.

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  1. Hey guys, do you know where I can Pre-Order the Digital Version?

  2. I don’t believe Dark Horse does digital pre-orders, but the digital version will be available here on release day.

  3. Thanks.

    Really looking forward to it.


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