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All Wings Report In: Episode VIII has a discussion with Rachel from Sunrider Base who talks about costumes, members and conventions. They also interview Tony Troxell, one of the founders of the Rebel Legion who provides some cool insight on the early days of the group. It’s a great episode worth checking out if you’d like to learn more about the Rebel Legion and its members.

Curto Burns Collectors Cast: The August 22, 2013 episode includes James’ side of things with Caravan of the Force and Star Wars Celebration Europe. Steve Sansweet stops by. James and Dan look back at SDCC, and of course there’s toy reviews and news. Rather enjoyable episode.

Full of Sith: Episode XXXIV has special guest Jesse Hildreth on the show. Jesse was a senior Lighter on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and is a long time friend of Bryan’s. They share some fun memories, and Jesse talks about some of his fun experiences working on the show.

RebelForce Radio: Episode 08.23.13 has special guest Aljon Go from Sorcerer Radio. Aljon gives a recap of D23 Expo and a nice insight into why everyone was so disappointed at the lack of Star Wars news. He also talks about the parks and the upcoming possibilities for Star Wars attractions. They cover a lot of other topics in the show, including a nice review from Jimmy Mac on John Jackson Miller’s Kenobi and a hilarious Gilbert Gottfried Obi-Wan impersonation.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 402 dives into some toy reviews with a complete lowdown on the Saga Legends figures from Hasbro. They go toy-by-toy on their recent purchases as they dissect the packaging, the sculpts and the paint jobs. They also cover “Slave Gate” amidst all the complaints from consumers about the damaged packing from Amazon for their vintage Slave I’s as well as reports of missing parts and non-functioning features. The show caps off with some listener feedback on the new Black Series, Saga Legends and Mission series figs.

Episode 403 covers a review of the Shaak Ti premium format figure, a very nice book review from Brock on John Jackson Miller’s Kenobi, On the Pegs and Vintage Viewpoint segments, and some listener reviews of the Black Series. Lot of good stuff packed into this episode.

Star Wars Bookworms: Episode 10 includes special guest Geralyn, co-admin of Roqoo Depot. They do a quick Q&A with Geralyn before kicking off into an in-depth, spoilerish review of Troy Denning’s post-FOTJ novel Crucible.

Star Wars Report: Episode 100 features hosts Riley, Bethany and Mark as they recount some of their favorite moments over the years. After Mark’s early departure, they dive into some listener feedback.

Temple Archives: Episode 73 includes an in-depth and very critical review of Timothy Zahn’s Choices of One. They also touch upon some news and unrelated topics. Be sure to drop by their Facebook to let them know what you thought of Choices of One, good or bad.

The Wampa’s Lair: Episode 59 starts off with some fun as Steve Glosson and Karl weigh in with some humor on Olive Garden, Riley from Star Wars Report, and Steve’s apt offer to free them from the ceiling of the Wampa’s Lair. Let me just say that this episode was hilarious. A great one to listen to for some serious laughs. This week’s versus match is Lando vs. Hondo. Discussion points include why Leia has deep memories of her mother, the mystery of Sifo-Dyas, Boba, Jango and Cade Bane, Ugnaughts and Gamorreans, and more as they dive into the unanswered questions of Star Wars. They also cover some Episode VII rumors such as Ewan and McDiarmid returning.

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