Kenobi Trivia Wraps Up

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Here is the last week of Kenobi trivia by author John Jackson Miller as the countdown to Kenobi‘s release comes to a close.

7) KENOBI visits a cantina seen in the first KOTOR game. Under new ownership, naturally!

6) Zayne Carrick gets a (non-obligatory!) mention in KENOBI. His KOTOR Omnibus Vol. 1 is out TODAY!

5) As exile, Kenobi often must react like a comics superhero. He’s got a secret identity to protect!

4) The opening of KENOBI overlaps the end of Episode III. Obi-Wan doesn’t yet know about Vader…

4.1) As far as Obi-Wan knows, he killed his best friend. So it’s a pivotal timeframe for a novel.

3) Everything fits: much of KENOBI happens during one page of THE LIFE AND LEGEND OF OBI-WAN KENOBI.

2) The novel’s got a cool spine. Ben’s using Force Persuasion from the shelf!

1a) Read by the superb Jonathan Davis, the Kenobi audiobook releases Tuesday! 

1b) The Kenobi audiobook is also going to be available on Audible, I am pleased to report.

1c) Matt Staggs at Suvudu writes about the virtues of Obi-Wan as he moves to the desert:

If you haven’t pre-ordered Kenobi already, you can head on over to the Random House product page for links to the hardcover, digital and audiobook versions from various retailers. Kenobi will hit stores August 27th. And in cased you missed them, here are the links for week oneweek two and week three of John’s Kenobi trivia.

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