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Bombad Radio: Episode 85 marks the return of Bombad Radio after their summer break, and a great interview with Forgotten Realms author R.A. Salvatore. The discuss his new book The Companions without going into any spoilers. They talk about The Sundering and what this means for the Realms, how the project got started, and they touch a little on Troy Denning and Ed Greenwood’s involvement in the project.

RebelForce Radio: The August 9, 2013 Episode includes special guest Dan Curto which makes for some nice discussion on collecting and the new Star Wars figures coming from Hasbro. Paul Bateman chimes in to give a report about Star Wars Celebration Europe II. They also highlight some interviews with Mark Hamill, Jett Lucas and Billy Dee Williams.

Full of Sith: Episode XXXIII features special guests James Floyd (better known as Jawa James) and Drea Letamendi. They talk with Mike and Bryan about San Diego Comic Con 2013 and Star Wars Celebration Europe II. Not too bad of an episode for those wanting to hear a little more about the news from Celebration Europe.

Star Wars Beyond the Films: Episode 84 is a listener feedback episode where Mark and Nathan answer some questions from the fans. Topics range from discussions about fathers to continuity issues with the Clone Wars.

Coffee with Kenobi: Their William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Book Chat focuses on the new book and an excellent interview with the author, Ian Doescher. Whether you’ve read the book or not, the interview is definitely worth listening to. Ian shares how he got the chance to write the book, and surprisingly enough, this is not just his first Star Wars book, but his first book.

Galactic Escape Pod: Episode 16 includes in depth coverage of all the main events from Star Wars Celebration Europe. If you’re looking for a great recap of what happened, this is the episode to listen to. It includes lots of audio clips from the various videos that were released by StarWars.com. There’s good audio quality and straightforward reporting. It’s a well done episode.

Non-Star Wars

Know What I’m Saying: Episode 2 focuses on Steve and Karl’s personal choice in music. They reach back to their fond memories of mixed tapes, sappy love songs, and pop music. As a music lover myself, I found this one to be pretty entertaining. Steve plays lots of song clips and they both take turns singing horribly but having lots of fun. Expect to hear Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Matchbox Twenty and more.

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  1. Bombad Radio for life! We’re almost to our 100th episode and we have quite a treat planned!

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