New: 300: Rise of an Empire International Trailer

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Podcasts in Review

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Bombad Radio: Episode 85 marks the return of Bombad Radio after their summer break, and a great interview with Forgotten Realms author R.A. Salvatore. The discuss his new book The Companions without going into any spoilers. They talk about The Sundering and what this means for the Realms, how the project got started, and they touch a little on Troy Denning and Ed Greenwood’s involvement in the project.

RebelForce Radio: The August 9, 2013 Episode¬†includes special guest Dan Curto which makes for some nice discussion on collecting and the new Star Wars figures coming from Hasbro. Paul Bateman chimes in to give a report about Star Wars Celebration Europe II. They also highlight some interviews with Mark Hamill, Jett Lucas and Billy Dee Williams. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

The Wildlife of Tatooine

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For a desolate looking wasteland of sand, Tatooine actually has a variety of lifeforms, some of which show up in John Jackson Miller’s¬†Kenobi. From dewbacks and banthas to sarlaccs and krayt dragons, below you’ll find a visual gallery of the wildlife of Tatooine.

Annileen slammed across the monster’s back as the weight fell away. She saw Kallie and the rider atop the eopie, which was slowing now from the additional burden. No way would it carry two for long, nor three for a second. Snit was her problem. Recovering, she looked forward. It was just a matter of finding the–

Krakk! Snit’s rear foot struck a hold. Annileen went somersaulting forward, even as the impossible mass of the dewback went aloft underneath her. She saw light as the suns flashed before her eyes–and then darkness as the bulk of the dewback eclipsed them.

And then, nothing. -Kenobi, Chapter Five.

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New Release: ‘Fan Phenomena: Star Wars’

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Fan Phenomena: Star Wars edited by Mika Elovaara and published by Intellect Ltd. is out today in paperback and digital formats. You can pick it up through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The University of Chicago Press has more links for those in the US, and Intellect Books has links for those in the UK.

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Gen Con 2013

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Gen Con 2013 kicks off today in Indianapolis, IN and runs from August 15-18th. While the spotlight for this convention will be on gaming, there will be quite a few Forgotten Realms and Star Wars authors in attendance including Troy Denning, R.A. Salvatore, Richard Lee Byers, Erin M. Evans, Michael A. Stackpole, David Farland (aka Dave Wolverton) as well as Patrick Rothfuss. You can check out the full details on the official site.

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