Trailer: Dark Horse: The Star Wars

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Cool Empire Strikes Back Poster

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empire strikes back_daniels-2We spotted this very cool poster over at Geek Tyrant, and just had to share.  The poster is limited to 250 silk screen prints signed by the artist, and sells for $50 via Acme Databank.  Prints went on sale August 2nd.

From Black Ink, about the artists:

“I have been a Star Wars nut since 1978, which was the first time I saw it and I was 5. Since then it has almost become part of my DNA.
Like many fans, I took inspiration from the movies and integrated it into my other passion, art and design. I’m lucky enough to make a living from something I love doing, illustrating and designing for a whole host of different clients but I will happily say that this piece, ‘Battle of Yavin’, for Acme Archives is without doubt my most awesome achievement so far.
I’m 39, and live in a secret bunker just outside the smouldering remains of a zombie-ravaged Stoke-on-Trent with my wife Rachel, 3 year old son Zac and his sibling ”

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Kenobi Micro-Excerpt #1

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kenobibyjohnjacksonmillStar Wars Books has a micro-excerpt from John Jackson Miller’s eagerly awaited novel, Kenobi. 

“Lucky,” Annileen said, rubbing the side of her head. There’d be a knot there, for sure. “I was afraid we’d run into a sarlacc.”

“A healthy fear to have.”

Annileen forced herself to stand. Once sure of her bearings, she wiped her hand on her shirt and presented it. “Annileen Calwell.”

“Annileen.” The man seemed reluctant at first to shake her hand, but soon did so amiably. “I haven’t heard that one. Family name?”

“Not any longer, if I have anything to say about it,” she said, smiling. “Most just call me Annie.”

The rescuer paused, and for a moment she thought she saw his eyes fix, as if looking somewhere else. But the gentle smile quickly returned.

“No, Annileen is just fine.”

Kenobi will release later this month on the 27th.

Be sure to like Star Wars Books facebook page and follow them on twitter @DelReyStarWars.

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The Tusken Raiders of Tatooine

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With Kenobi nineteen days away, we’re counting down with a series of theme galleries showcasing important elements from the book. This week we present the Tusken Raiders of Tatooine.

“The first Sand People had watched the battle in the sky. The suns, dually covered in shame, turned their wrath on the witnesses. The sky-brothers’ gaze tore at the mortals, burning through flesh to reveal their secret selves. The Sand People saw their shadows on the sands of Tatooine, and listened. The younger spirit urged attack. The elder told them to hide. Counsels, from the condemned.

The Sand People were condemned, as well. Always walking with the twin shadows of sacrilege and failure beside them, they would hide their faces. They would fight. They would raid. And they would run.” Kenobi, Chapter One

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Podcasts in Review

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Full of Sith: Special Release: Joey Fatone is a special episode featuring Mike, Bryan and Consetta as they talk with Joey Fatone from My Family Recipe Rocks. Joey talks about how the show ended up featuring Rancho Obi-Wan, his brush with Attack of the Clones, and his Star Wars fandom in general. Pretty neat episode and worth a listen. I also highly recommend checking out the Rancho Obi-Wan episode of My Family Recipe Rocks. You can catch a taste of it here.

Know What I’m Saying: Episode 1 kicks off a new podcast with some familiar hosts to Star Wars podcast fans, as Steve Glosson from Geek Out Loud and Karl from Wampa’s Lair join forces for something quite different. Their discussions are free wheeling, very entertaining, and with Star Wars references never too far away. This inaugural episode focuses on how they met and I have to say, they couldn’t have picked a better song to start out with. Big thumbs up. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

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