Happy Birthday, TOR: 151 Original Stories Free!

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TOR.com is celebrating their fifth birthday with 151 free stories in an ebook. That’s almost 4,000 pages of free fiction covering their last five years of original stories. Click here to start downloading or look below for the full table of contents which includes Danial Abraham (one half of the dynamic author duo James S.A. Corey) right at the top. Continue Reading Happy Birthday, TOR: 151 Original Stories Free!…

‘Kenobi’ Trivia: Week 1

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As a countdown to Kenobi, author John Jackson Miller is tweeting daily, spoiler-free, trivia via #KenobiCountdown. Here’s this week’s trivia.

31) In my pitch, KENOBI was titled “BEN”. But there’s more than one Ben in the EU, so I changed it.

30) The change fits well, especially because how Kenobi’s name circulated on Tatooine is considered.

29) Still own my Kenobi action figure from eons ago. Unlike Luke, he had the right color lightsaber!

28) As a kid I was always intrigued by Obi-Wan’s past. Jo Duffy’s Marvel issue was my 1st exposure.

27) KENOBI began as an idea for a graphic novel in 2006. Later realized it suited prose far better!

26) Comics editor @Jeremy_Barlow and I love classic westerns. Kenobi’s an exile, much like SHANE.

25) Besides westerns there’s a stranger-in-a-small-town story dynamic. Northern Exposure & Ballykissangel good TV examples.

24) Idea of seeing Obi-Wan thru Tatooine locals’ eyes was present from day one. He’s a mystery man.

If you haven’t pre-ordered Kenobi already, you can head on over to the Random House product page for links to the hardcover, digital and audiobook versions from various retailers. Kenobi will hit stores August 27th.

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Geek Week Starts Today

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Youtube is hosing Geek Week which runs August 4 through 10th. Today is Blockbuster Sunday hosted by FeddieW. You can catch the highlights below.

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