Star Wars Celebration Europe II

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Star Wars Celebration Europe II begins today! Remember that even if you aren’t there, you can still participate. Events on the main stage will be looking for questions from Twitter and all you have to do is use the appropriate hashtag.

#AskTheArtists – Doug Chiang and Iain McCaig
#AskC3PO – Anthony Daniels
#AskPalpatine – Ian McDiarmid
#AskKathy – Kathleen Kennedy
#AskFiloni – Dave Filoni and Rebels
#AskLeia – Carrie Fisher
#AskBoba – Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan, Dickey Beer and John Morton
#AskJabba – Tim Rose, Mike Edmonds, Femi Taylor, Toby Philpott, Gerald Home, Sean Crawford, and Tim Dry
#AskJedi – Mark Hamill

For those in attendance,  you can upload photographs and use the hashtag #StarWarsCelebration for a chance of being included in the closing ceremonies. The best photographs will make the cut, where fans “can relive some of their favorite moments of the show, see some things they missed, and maybe see themselves or your photographs up on the big screen!”

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