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Curto Burns Collectors Cast: The July 18, 2013 Episode has tons of coverage for Star Wars collectors plus a full rundown on the Course of the Force and a quick talk with Steve Sansweet.

ForceCast: Special CEII Artist Interviews Episode four has Spencer speaking with JAKe, Matt Busch and Paul Allan Ballard. All three interviews turned out really good and are definitely worth listening to. Plenty of insights into the artists and their pieces for Star Wars Celebration II.

Full of Sith: Episode XXXI is a short episode but has some nice interviews by Bryan from San Diego Comic Con 2013. He talks with Tommy Yune about Robotech and its influences, TC Carson and his work as Mace Windu in The Clone Wars, Stephen Stanton and his work as Tarkin and others in The Clone Wars, and finally Erich Schoeneweiss from Del Rey. Erich was my favorite interview as he talks about each of the Star Wars books coming up, giving a glimpse of what each will be bringing to readers, although he had to skirt around the future of Star Wars books as they don’t know what that holds yet. However, he did say that Del Rey has had numerous emails and several face-to-face meetings with Lucasfilm regarding the sequels.

Rebel Force Radio: The July 19, 2013 Episode discusses the latest news, survey in Britain that finds three people named Yoda, whether Samuel L. Jackson will be in the Sequel Trilogy, George Lucas’ appearance as bonus contest in a Star Trek documentary, the Wall Street Journal’s coverage of Star Wars novels, Billy Dee Williams’ karaoke stint for Course of the Force, and Star Wars Night with the White Sox. Interesting episode with a lot of coverage of current topics.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 399 Part I & Part II has collector’s coverage of Star Wars at San Diego Comic Con 2013. Part I covers preview night, while Part II has some interviews with the toy makers as well as comic artists Carlos D’Anda and Gabe Eltaeb who talk about the Star Wars comic, and Adam Hughes who talks about his Padme Snow Bunny print. If you couldn’t make it to SDCC 2013, this is a nice way to get an idea on what you missed out on.

Star Wars Beyond the Films: Episode 81 covers Dark Horse Comics Star Wars series. Mark and Nathan go into depth about what they liked and didn’t like about the series so far. Both of them really enjoyed the artwork for the series, but they had some reservations about the writing. On one hand, they didn’t feel enough happened in the first arc of the series, a sentiment I agree with. They also felt the other pilots in Leia’s squadron weren’t fleshed out enough, that the Han Solo subplot didn’t get enough attention and should take center stage in the next arc, and Nathan took some stabs at the lack of first names for the characters. Mark felt the art is carrying the series, but with the change in artists in the next arc, he’s worried about the future of the series. For anyone who would like to dig in deeper into the details of the series, this episode is worth checking out as Mark and Nathan pointed out some details I missed or didn’t know about.

Star Wars Report: Episode 96 is a quick one with a discussion on Sword of the Jedi and whether or not it’s going to happen, and how cool Kenobi is. This episode features just Mark and Riley.

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