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comiccon_imgDark Horse Panel: Editor Randy Stradley, PR Rep. Jeremy Atkins, artist Carlo D’Anda, Dough Wheatley, Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman, Gabe Eltaeb, Zack Giallongo and Brian Thies.

Dawn of the Jedi: the next arc is titled Force Wars, and starts in November.  Xesh will be joining the Je’daii in defense of Tython.

A Spark Remains is the latest Dark Times arc (it premiered this past Wednesday).  The protagonist will learn Darth Vader’s true identity.

Star Wars: Leia will pay a visit to the remains of Alderaan and make a terrifying discovery there.

Star Wars: Legacy 2: the first arc concludes with stuff they “don’t want to spoil”.  However, Stradley teased a really great moment at the end of the first arc that left him teary-eyed.  The second arc takes Ania Solo and her compatriots out into the wider galaxy.

Star Wars: Ewoks, Shadows of Endor, which we first announced in May, will be expanded from a single ARC into an ongoing series.

The Star Wars begins September, 2013.

Tom Taylor’s series has been placed on hold, but may be still on.

Dark Horse will continue to publish comics through 2014.  They should also know later this year if they will keep the license.

You can read a full report on the panel at Newarama.

Del Rey Panel: Authors Troy Denning, John Jackson Miller, J.W. Rinzler and Jeffrey Brown.  Lucasfilm editor Jennifer Heddle and Del Rey editor Frank Parisi.

Honor Among Thieves, the Han Solo book in the Empire and Rebellion Trilogy, cover was revealed .

Jedi Academy, Jeffrey Brown’s third book for Star Wars, will be released in August.  His other two books are the popular Darth Vader and Jedi AcademySon, and Vader’s Little Princess.

The Death Star Haynes Manual was confirmed.  Release is scheduled for November 2013.

Noticeably absent were authors Paul Kemp and Christie Golden.  Nothing was said about either Kemp’s duology or Golden’s Sword of the Jedi series.  Paul Kemp has confirmed the duology is on hold.  As well, Troy Denning confirmed in our interview with him, that post-Crucible books are on hold, which includes Christie Golden’s Sword of the Jedi.

You can check out Jawa James’ live tweeting the panel at Club Jade.

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  2. The article does not say SOTJ has been cancelled, nor does it say that Kemp confirmed this. It says it’s on hold. As confirmed in our interview with Troy Denning, all post-Crucible novels are on hold for now.

    (this comment is in response to an inaccurate comment since removed by the author of the comment)

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