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Star Wars artist Jan Duursema has some new artwork up on


Upcoming Star Wars author Kevin Hearne, who is working on the Luke Skywalker novel which will be the third book in the Empire and Rebellion series, shared a little on Facebook

Today I get to really dive into the Star Wars book. I noodled around a bit last night after I got home, but this morning I’m firing up the soundtrack and I think there will be some unbridled glee. :)

Author Daniel Abraham also chimed in on his Empire and Rebellion novel which will star Han Solo.

Sent my edits of the Star Wars book to Ty for a last polish. Feeling a little melancholy to see the project end.

Daniel and Ty are collectively known under the pen name James S.A. Correy. Their Star Wars book Honor Among Thieves is set for a tentative March release next year.

Good news for Egil and Nix fans, Paul S. Kemp‘s original fantasy novel The Hammer and the Blade is going to a second printing. If you haven’t picked up a copy already, now is a good a time as any. Plus, if you really get into it, you can plunge onwards with this second book in the series which was recently released, A Discourse in Steel. For the rest of us, we’ll have to wait till June/July next year (tentatively) for A Conversation in Blood.

For Forgotten Realms fans, Paul noted on Facebook that he’s begun work on a new series post-Sundering.

Outlining a post-Sundering/post-THE GODBORN Forgotten Realms series. Coming together nicely so far, I think (though we’ll see what my editor has to say about my series of rambling, stream of consciousness emails).

So, so nice to be in a Faerunian state of mind.

OOM! Next Forgotten Realms series outlined (roughly). Now awaiting email from editor asking if I was high when I wrote it.

High, indeed. On life, brothers and sisters. High on life.

For diehards, you can try deciphering Kemp’s cryptic passage which was garbled by Dragon and the radio.

Not to be outdone, John Jackson Miller revealed that he is secretly J.K. Rowling. Word in the spaceport is that Overdraft: The Orion Offensive will soon be climbing the sales charts to #1. But on the serious side, John is writing a Conan comic story and a Star Trek novella.

Time Traveled Tales got funded…and thensome. The kickstarter project raised money to publish a collection of stories by a wide range of authors including Timothy Zahn, Michael A. Stackpole and Aaron Allston. The kickstarter’s goal was only $7,500. In the end, they raised a whopping $28,431.


Caravan of the Force kicks off today in London and is raising money for Make A Wish. With a spiffy logo by Star Wars artist Chris Trevas, Caravan of the Force will be heading to Star Wars Celebration Europe and raising money along the way. Be sure to stop by their Facebook page and check them out.


John Jackson Miller mentioned over on the TFN forums that he might be heading to New York Comic Con this year and will be heading to West Virginia for an unnamed event.

Dark Horse editor and writer Randy Stradley is now officially on the list of Star Wars Celebration Europe II guests. The Pith Lord will also be judging the costume contest and tattoo competition.


UcreateComics posted a really nice interview with Star Wars artist Dave Dorman. Dave talks about how he got started in art, how he transitioned into the industry, what he’s working on next and gives some advice for those who would like to jump into the art business.

Author Tim Lebbon did an interview with Top of the Heap Reviews which you can read here. The interview does touch on Star Wars a little.


It’s getting harder and harder to find a Bantha these days so the Tuskens have turned to domesticating elephants.


Pacific Rim has been getting pretty positive reviews. Star Wars author Jeff Grubb even compared it to A New Hope. Time will tell.

And to end things off, MTV posted a video with Harrison Ford and pressed him on Star Wars Episode VII. While Harrison did not admit to being in the film, I did like the over exaggerated wink at the end.

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  1. Wish I could say positive things about Pacific Rim, but I just can’t

  2. I haven’t seen it, and wasn’t really planning on it, but there are a lot of people saying good things.

  3. You can check our my review if you want to temper your expectations

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