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Curto Burns Collector’s Cast: In the June 30, 2013 episode they talk with Steve Sansweet who was very optimistic about there being more episodes of The Clone Wars bonus content than fans might expect and the possibility that we might see something more on Detours as we get closer to the launch of Episode VII. Afterwards they talk about a UK show called Collectoholics which Curto will be on, a rundown of upcoming action figures from Hasbro, LEGO, Gentle Giant and Sideshow Collectibles. Later on there is a second interview with Steve Sansweet talking about what will be at the Rancho Obi-Wan exhibit at Celebration Europe II, a TV show spot he and Ann did and more. Pretty long episode with lots of collecting info.

ForceCast: Episode 261 is a special episode covering gender representation in Star Wars. It has special guest Tricia Barr (from FANgirl Blog) and Bria (from Tosche-Station.net). They get into some intriguing discussions. If you have any interest in the topic, it’s worth listening to, and even if you don’t, it’s still worth a try.

Special CEII Artist Interviews Episode three has fun interviews with Doug Cowan, Drew Baker, and Shea Standefer. Spencer keeps up the series with more good questions and discussion. Doug talks about how he got into Star Wars via Topps sketch cards, his progress with his CEII piece, and even a funny idea for a Tag and Bink picture. Drew also discusses how he got started out in the art business, how that led to Star Wars, and what went on to make his female Stormtrooper prints to come to life. Shea caps things off with some impressive EU knowledge, her forays into cosplay, and a Aurebesh easter egg hidden in her debut Celebration print. Definitely worth checking out.

Full of Sith: Episode XXX features a discussion with Dunc, the webmaster behind ClubJade.Net, as they talk about Star Wars and fandom. Really nice episode for those who would like to know more about Dunc and the origins of Club Jade.

Rebel Force Radio: The June 12, 2013 episode focuses on George Lucas with audio clips of several interviews, some special spoof commercials, and commentary from the hosts, Jimmy and Jason. Kind of a neat episode. I really did like the interview clips with George, though it would have been cooler to hear the interviews in their entirety.

Secrets of Star Wars: Episode 3 dives into detail on the hosts speculation about the confirmed casting call for Episode VII. They do bring up a few neat ideas, so it’s kind of interesting to listen to.

Star Wars Beyond the Films: Episode #83 has their discussion on Troy Denning’s latest book, Crucible. They start with a spoiler free segment, then break into a spoiler discussion later on (they give plenty of warning for those avoiding spoilers still). Overall, Mark thought the ending was too weird, otherwise he seemed to enjoy the book, and Nathan mostly liked the book as well. The episode goes into a lot of detail so they lay out all their criticisms and the parts that they liked.

Star Wars Report: Episode #95 is a brief one and just has hosts Riley and Mark. They talk about their “experiment” where a friend watches Star Wars for the first time in a different order. In this episode they cover Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

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